Matt Presti Innerviews with Christine | Mysticism & The Universal One

My enthusiasm speaking with Matt Presti will be obvious, not only because I am speaking with a man whose work I admire—it’s also what I am intuiting from the deep well of conscious awareness, that there is a potent showering of light penetrating all of Creation at this moment. What is being experienced is an opening, an awakening, an uplifting of Spirit. With the daunting challenges we are facing, the most vital aspect is to come together and raise our voices in unison. Every single heart-centered human being can be embraced when individual differences are not just put aside, they can be welcomed as each individual fulfills their unique gift of Spirit. No single human being can ever have all the answers, when we fully recognize the gift of mystery we come closer to our essence and home.

We explore mysticism and the “Universal One” based on the work of Walter Russell. I recently listened to Matt on several off-the-stage talks from Anarchapulco, one with Steve Falconer of Space Busters and another talk with Yerasimos from Here For The Truth and Mike Winner from Alfa Vedic. (Links below) I was so moved by the candid conversations and camaraderie in Spirit that I felt inspired to join the conversation. There is a wondrous weaving of consciousness taking place—be inspired, be authentic, and be the original that you are!

“Look at us! Each such an amazing reflection through the fractal of individualism. We are both and all simultaneously, such a dilemma for the human mind.” — Christine Anderson

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