Unlocking Spiritual Illumination: The Hidden Wisdom Of The Rosicrucians | Dr. Robert Gilbert

Dr. Robert Gilbert joins the podcast today to unpack the core teachings of rosicrucianism: a philosophy that synthesizes the best of ancient wisdom teachings and provides a foundation for living a spiritual life. He reveals how humanity lost touch with our intuitive gifts and access to the subtle bodies, as well as the great potential we have for regaining these spiritual powers. He explains how to structure the subtle body in your own life, awaken your energy centers, and direct your life by the power of illuminated will. Dr. Gilbert provides a strong foundation for anyone interested in understanding how to unlock spiritual illumination in a balanced and integrated way.

André’s Book Recommendations: https://www.knowthyself.one/books

___________ Timecodes:

0:00 Intro

1:46 Remembering Our True Selves

3:51 Understanding the Hidden Rosicrucian Teachings

14:33 How Humans Lost Touch With Subtle Realms

22:37 The Yuga Cycles & Global Awakening of Spiritual Gifts

29:37 Blessings and Curses of the Information Age

32:54 The Subtle Body: Structuring & Harnessing It’s Gifts

47:23 Distorted Sexual Energy in Spiritual Circles

56:25 The Secret to Self Observance

1:03:50 The 6 Essential Rosicrucian Exercises

1:11:01 Awakening Kundalini Energy Properly

1:17:53 Illuminated Will: Balancing the 3 Centers

1:24:03 Breaking Addictive Impulses

1:32:29 Luciferic and Ahrimanic Beings Explained

1:58:35 Dangers of Spiritual Ego Inflation

2:14:32 Our Individual Spiritual Destiny

2:21:47 Humanity’s Golden Opportunity

2:27:49 Conclusion

___________ Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D. is a former U.S. Marine Corps instructor in Nuclear­Biological-Chemical Defense, with over 30 years of research into both mainstream and holistic health methods. He holds a Ph.D. in International Studies, and contributed to the first academic textbook on Transformational Politics. Dr. Gilbert has extensively studied French methods of Vibrational Radiesthesia from the early 1900’s, sponsoring the translation of many rare texts into English for the first time. Dr. Gilbert was also the first non-­Egyptian to be granted Instructor status in the Egyptian system of BioGeometry®, founded by Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo. Dr. Gilbert is currently the Director of the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies in Asheville, North Carolina. He teaches both live and online courses, the latest of which is the Online series entitled Vibrational Testing and Healing.

The Vesica Institute: https://www.vesica.org

Instagram:  / vesicainstitute