Earth Keepers and Time – an experience

This journey.

I was invited to attend a gathering two days ago, without knowing the import or reason guidance took me to a moment in time that had been waiting.

Walking to the river in silence the voice that whispers said, “Today you will close a time loop.” Having learned to listen my mind simply nodded in acknowledgment and was, perhaps, a bit curious.

We came to large embracing tree, whose extended massive roots reached to the rivers edge connecting earth, sky, water to us and our interior fire. Silence. The people Present found their accommodation in a circle, my body found a comfortable rock and there poised herself.

Simple words of truth were spoken, and we, the indigenous peoples, the wanderers, the earth keepers, the distant star sisters and brothers shared them, our truth. Our journey is Here, it is Now as we deeply resonated INto Gaia, Mother, Pachamama, all Her sacred names rippling through time, calling us home.

We, her children stand on this holy ground and Rising from our state of inner peace and beingness, through our conscious awareness we acknowledge that we are the answer we have been waiting for.

Entering into the depth of the moment feeling the Self extend, fine tuned senses penetrate the organic dark. Humbled to meet two brothers, present and not seen by outer looking eyes. So ancient are they in their memory’s hall. Listen. Body trembles. No words are spoken only knowing. Her People speak now along unseen lines of communication, through their hearts, a sacred body of Knowledge is unifying, there is no time it says.

All time possibilities are collapsing into one as we human Beings and Divine Incarnate Mother return home.

Each moment delicious in its fullness.

I Know where I stand. Not wavering in intent, no longer rocked from doubt or indecision, no longer tempted by false gods and goods, I AM, a sovereign presence in honor to ALL.

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