Personal Ethos as a Planetary Healer

A personal Ethos as a Planetary Healer.

Reflections on my personal ethos, viewing the manner in which I Work when healing and indeed endeavor to  live my life by.

When challenging oneself, it appears that the only real approach is to first “Know Thyself”, so taking time to look to the interior with an open honest gaze, similar to the outer sight that sees without need to define. Even saying those words provoke a different thought, is anything outward at all other than the holographic realities we are constantly co-creating?

Navigating the inner realms, is the trickiest of terrain for the deeper I go the more I find the subtle shadow hand that is there still, encouraging me to see other, to blame other to react to other.

I imagine we all still recognize the welling of feelings we define as emotional distress, the one that tears us apart, throws us out of integration, provoking reactions that lead to a sense of confusion or doubt. Most of us, much of the time, will try to push these feelings away, deny them, make deals with the devil if we have to, to not feel them. They are the hardest to embrace and Be Present with.

By allowing them to be my teacher I am continuously surprised at how deeply embedded these emotional webs are, but have found that by shining my inner light on them they do unwind and reveal. To date this is an ongoing life time project

The pain sometimes can be so excruciating that I believe I can’t survive it, it feels like I am dying.. the thousand deaths or as had been said, “I die daily”. I now Know that the dying is the troughs’ of the separate self, the ego and the id-entity.. the more attached I am to my identity the more painful the death. I let go.

My journey home.

So how does this tie back to my personal ethos? It requires an immense deal of courage to reveal your self to your SELF. I have discovered that every deception is a deception that shadows your true self and that which is TRUE in another. I also have accepted that this is my story and so everything that has appeared for me in the way of pain is from my All-Self designed for me. It is a stubborn stand of self authority or sovereignty that refuses to give over any piece of me to even the most insidious manipulations, I am not a denier of the intent of malevolence in our reality world.

Knowing this has opened for me my path to freedom. And REALizing that any deception is ultimately my deception I strive to be open and honest and transparent in all my interactions.

This becomes even more important in the healing Work I embrace. The Id-entity is put aside, it cannot exist in the truth fields because I know it still has shadows. I sort of see it like a suit of clothing that I can take off and hang up for awhile.

When we open fields of perception/ projection we allow for the Highest Good, we should put our hearts and contemplation on what that means to us individually so we Gnow it intimately. What I, the perceiver, sees is therefore the Truth because by Gnosis I am sure. I report what I see, hiding nothing in the safety of a heart-field based cohesion.

Something happens. I, the perceiver, am also the co-creator, that means my surrender to the ALL allows me to participate in a very conscious manner. We are Beings of resonance, we Sing all the time, I tune my Song to the Master orchestrator, I tune to the pitch and tone required and the field changes.. The release is a Pureness of feeling, different from emotion for with it rises Joy, Love radiates like water running in a clear stream, and there is a release of suffering and pain that are Known.

Gaia-Sophia, Mother Wisdom gives us this field and to Her I flow with gratitude, to Her and to ALL.

Primum non nocere


4 thoughts on “Personal Ethos as a Planetary Healer

  • March 2, 2015 at 7:07 pm

    Christine your sharing of your personal ethos, your journey into Being (as well as starting with self) is both inspiring and useful to read. The saying from who knows where “Fear knocked on the door and faith answered, and no one was there.” can be a reminder that facing your fears and similar feelings is important…or they do dominate, and also that there is a knowing of Truth with which to answer them.

    I love you. Mom

  • March 2, 2015 at 10:42 pm

    So beautiful. So true.

    And this: “Pureness of feeling, different from emotion for with it rises Joy, Love radiates like water running in a clear stream” WORD.

  • March 3, 2015 at 7:27 am

    Dear Christine… your understandings hit such inextricable sweet n’ sour notes upon my yearning to Be/Gnow – Love and yet… ever unwinding patterns of pain. These cohorts are layed bare in this life – long process of self examination and exploration. I tear up with honey/vinegar tears as i write this –
    your words are a release in and of themselves – a True mentor and healer you are!

  • March 3, 2015 at 8:10 am


    By those who love her she is readily seen,

    And found by those who look for her…

    in every thought of theirs, she comes to meet them.

    -Wisdom of Solomon 6:12 and 16

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