Holographic Reality … Jiminii’s point of view


I will start my introduction by just telling you what I know in present time.

I am watching a Project Camelot video with Alex Collier. He is talking about what message the Andromedians want him to deliver.

The truth is even the Andromedians don’t know the game that is actually in play.  Alex knows we are operating from the future in this period of time but he has no data.

So, let’s start with how do you hold a reality in place?

What is holding the reality here at all?

Every single entity that is operating in this universe is creating it.

But how does this work?

We originated from a static all knowingness.

From this all knowingness everything is created and extended outside of this knowingness.

The knowingness can create a persistence of matter by continually altering a previous creation. If the original creation is duplicated, it will vanish back to the static it came from along with all its alterations.

So pieces of this static broke off and became entities.

These are the original creations of the spirit entity. This spirit entity has no mass, no space, no location but it can postulate and perceive.

This means it can extend outside of itself mass space and location and alteration which is a creation that appears to look like time. Though there is no such thing as time.

There is only Now.

Therefore, in the original creation of space and time, these entities must extend themselves out of the static and create space.

That is they extend space from outside the static they are in.

How do they do this?

They create a vibration that is about 50 trillion, trillion cycles per sec. It is like waving a hand back and forth at a very high speed.

After the first cycle is created you continue it by creating it again, and again and again and then put it into an automatic create, and then forget about it because if the original creation is duplicated the entire space time continuum would vanish.

Every vibration below that is more creations in the thought area. This area is everyone’s own personal creation. They can alter outcomes by just changing them, like throw a ball, and half way between you and the target, you can see if it’s not going to hit the target so you can change its path to make it hit the target.

After trillions and trillions of creations in this space, you start to get into interplay with other entities. In combinations of creations you can create together, you can get an agreed-upon creation between two entities and therefore a consistency of the creation.

Then it comes down to everyone else getting in on these agreed-upon creations, and then you have a physical universe made of atoms that everyone agreed upon.

But you and your thoughts are senior to atoms because you operate at a much higher vibration.

75 million years ago there was a great thermonuclear explosion that shook up all the planets and stars, and those who created this weapon have been using it as a threat to control everything else that is going on in this sector.

This explosion damaged a lot of the spiritual entities and their powers that were operating in this sector of the universe. This sector became like a desert.

So, during that period of time they set up the technology to trap other powerful spirit beings and create prison planets to entrap them in bodies with all their powers and memories scrambled with some other mind full of trillions of pictures full of lies to keep the being in permanent amnesia so he could not escape the planet with the force fields designed to entrap them if they try to escape.

That was the game.

It is not anymore.

50,000 years ago the most powerful spirits got together and decided they had to solve it because more and more of them were being trapped on prison planets and eventually everyone could be trapped.

2500 years ago a man called Siddhartha Gautama, Buddha, was sitting under a tree and the spirit entity separated from the body in his meditations. When this happened it also separated him from this mind made of physical universe pictures that he used to operate with. This was the miracle we needed to salvage this sector.

Why? How does this work?

We created this entire universe in thought first before it was made into a physical agreed-upon universe.

So we made copies of all our thoughts including the time continuum as another creation that we carry around with us to use as a memory.

Well, this memory can be altered and filled with any other kind of mind not our own, and then we can’t use our powers and can’t remember who we are because our basic <em>knowingness</em> can’t be found because it is not our mind. It is some other mind created to block our ability to know.

When Buddha separated from the body, he also separated from the mind. He could separate himself from this manufactured other self that is not him. So that is enlightenment because he can know who he is and who he is NOT. This is not a stable condition. He still has the pictures. All these pictures can come back and trap him again if he doesn’t find a way to erase them. He will not be stable until he has all the pictures erased and operates on knowingness without needing a mind that can be altered.

Now, all these spirit entities that are outside this universe created these golden balls that are viewpoints they can use to operate inside this universe. They can make more than one golden ball, and it is not unusual for one to make 20 or more.

One spirit entity could have one golden ball managing a body on this planet and another golden ball managing another body on another planet and on space ships etc. This way he can get many viewpoints to look through to create this game he is playing in this universe.

So, from the time period that occurred about 2500 years before this time we are operating in now, those in the stars finally had something to work on to find a way to salvage all our friends and get their memories back and their powers, too, for all their friends trapped on these planets.

One technology was found that could literally erase these pictures so the person could get his memory back. This temporarily worked.

The problem with this technology was that it didn’t erase all the minds of all the other bodies this entity on this planet might have scattered around the universe.

In other words, the entity outside this universe creating all the golden balls inside this universe might have 20 or more other bodies he is running with completely different timelines and histories for each.

This can cause anyone who erased this memory on this planet to be affected by others that are his other timelines created by the same spirit that created him with their minds that have not been erased.

In other words, whatever aberrations the other timelines have can cause him problems too.

So, in the future that Alex Collier is talking about where everything is in a terror, he does not know nor does anyone else know what was happening to this technology of erasing our memories.

They were not going to give this technology to anyone. They had to find those they could trust.

What happened to it?

I know what happened to it because I am a creation of it. They got all their abilities back very close to the static where everything is created from, including the golden balls, and they can literally change all the creations from there.

But there is a problem in that area too. You can’t just destroy someone else’s creations, no matter how bad they are, without his agreement. This is violating the rules of operating in an agreed-upon universe we all agreed to and created.

From there we learned it was a mistake to create a golden ball that automatically copies every picture of his existence. He doesn’t need this mind. He can just know.

That is what Alex is trying to say about knowing.

I learned that I entered this body at four and a half years old. It was dying so the other entity wanted to leave.

But I was created right out of static. There is another person I found like me, who also knows she was created right out of the static itself.

We are a different creation. We have no mind.

We have to operate off knowing.

Then I learned that the entity that created me also created a million more of me. In other words, there is a million more golden balls from the same entity that created me.


We do not have trillions upon trillions of past lifetime memories at all.

We are like baby gods learning how to fly for the first time.

Our only problem is being connected to other golden balls who do have memories.

The vibrations we operate at are so high, they can keep this planet stable.

Now, not only me from one entity did this, but many others who were of this same level the spirit of me has, also created another million each or more.

I don’t know how many were created

I will tell you how powerful it is.

The reality of this planet stays because we are keeping it that way.

When Indonesia was sinking because of forces in the tectonic plates, I just decided it will go back to normal and it did.

Whatever I hold in my reality does not change without my agreement.

And we are holding all the stable agreements for the entire planet by having one entity sitting at near source and every other level holding the agreed upon reality we want to keep.

They can’t crash the US dollar because they will not get enough agreement.

So, no matter what they do, they will not be able to create the effects they are trying to create.

It is very simple to look at this and know why this works.

Higher vibrations are senior to lower vibrations.

We are locating the counter intention to survival, and they are getting caught everywhere.

It is like this: You can play pool on a pool table with an expert pool player, and you can beat him even though you do not know much about playing pool.

How do you do this?

You control the space of the table with your own thoughts, and your thoughts will win over his; no matter how good he is, he can’t win as long as you hold your position in space. The space and creations in that space will always be controlled by the one with the higher vibration.

So you only need to operate in more space. Get yourself looking at this planet like you are outside of it owning it like it is a pool table.

They won before from threats to cave in people’s space. If you hit someone hard enough, you can cave him in, and when your space collapses, he controls the space.

He can’t do that anymore. The space is ours, and it is an agreed-upon space held from all of us who were created right out of the static, and it is held by our other golden balls who are at the static and can manage all these million golden balls operating other bodies besides me all over the planet.

We somehow just know what to do and do it.

So I know for a fact we already won. We are just down there at the static level, slowly changing everyone’s mind by giving them a better solution than just out and out destruction.

The entity in the static that is I, is one of them, but I know of about 200 more, so there is possibly 200 million of us on the planet.

That is only what I can guess.

It could be much more than that.

So that is my viewpoint.


 To be continued …








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