AYNI – The Force of Reciprocity

Today I am humbled. Today I learn what I didn’t know yesterday. Some days you wake up from another level of your slumber, you open your eyes to a new vista, a reality that was there all the time but you didn’t see it. Today I take another step out of my self absorption into a part of the world around me.

I live in the Andes in Ecuador, I missed something until today and it is the force of reciprocity … ANYI.

Of course I am living immersed in it, this truth is a fundamental elemental force that the peoples of the Andes live by. It isn’t something they rationalize with, contemplate or even discover, it is elemental and obvious because it IS. I Know this, I “practice” it in my efforts to reclaim my divine inheritance and I AM blessed by the reality of true abundant flows. What I missed, what I didn’t see was how this beautiful gift is reflected in another culture all around me. I feel abashed and taken back at my ignorance to the very people I am living with.

In the words of one of their elders:

“We live in Kausay Pacha – the world of living energy. Everything in the universe is living and mutually connected – from the smallest creature on earth to the stars in the sky. “Kausay” means abundance and “Pacha” means living, and for these people, the name of our planet and our universe is “the world of living abundance.”

the Inca teacher continues….

“Like all creatures, humans are created as an image of the whole. Everything living is whole and exists only by virtue of the divine energy that brought it to life. This means we are born with divine potential. Every person is born whole and can grow and manifest himself in his own unique beauty – his own part of the universe’s divine oneness.”

To grasp this with our western mind is the work of science and spiritual seekers … to live ANYI in our daily lives, in every moment is a calling.

Today I want to ask for your support, for a friend. Maya Rose, intrepid divine feminine adventuress … Singer of Songs, Angelic Wanderer and Giver of all HER gifts needs our help. She is in Brazil ready to take a boat up the Amazon and is lacking the funds to complete this leg of her journey. I wish to send her what money we can gather.

My testimony of Maya is such; she has endured innumerable hardships through out her life to BE true to her purpose on earth. Few have done as much for so little. She Sings the song of Light, she is moved by spirit and has been called to take a gift to an indigenous peoples of Pachamama. While she was visiting me last month, I too saw them waiting, I see them still even as I write these words, they are with me, with her, with us… the sacred waters of Life are in their keeping they say and Maya is called to them.

There is a Support Us! link in the menu bar, if you are called please help us as, we are all earthempaths … help one Lady who has followed the Grand Orchestration by faith-FULLY playing her part.

ANYI —- abundance.

“Echos of Eternity”  by Maya Rose


2 thoughts on “AYNI – The Force of Reciprocity

  • March 10, 2015 at 2:52 pm

    I could send something. What is the total needed? I need a perspective.

  • March 15, 2015 at 5:13 am

    I love the concept of ayni. It recognizes the interconnectedness of all life and the cyclical nature of how energy moves. To receive without passing it on and giving is as incomplete as giving without opening to receive. Each single action (without its mate) short-circuits the feedback loop. Stopping the flow of energy results in a stagnant or uneven experience of life. Here in the Andes, local Catholic people have a saying; when you give them something, they reply “Que Diós te pague.” (May God pay you back). I take this as another interpretation of ayni. You do something beneficial for another, so the Life Force will be flowing back to you. It is the natural order of things. Money can either get in the way of this, or facilitate the flow. It is up to our openness to both give and receive.

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