Aether Cosmology | Heliocentric or Geocentric – Are Both Viable and Probable?

Preface: As often happens when I start writing, more information comes along and new inner interpretations arise. The whole idea of debating the shape and reality of our realm is erroneous. We, as human beings in process, may find better fruits by comparing different perspectives. On one hand we have “science” which is never settled and on the other we have perceptions, both inner and outwardly focused ones. Our reality is objective as in the case of physicality and subjective in how we interpret our interface with this world. My investigation into toroidal energy and electro-magnetism began long before I ever questioned the spinning ball earth model. Over many years a perception of the interconnectedness of all manifestations in the physical world incorporated the Aether and the comprehension that all is resonance and frequency.

It is wise that before we go exploring possible worlds beyond this one that we fully integrate the true nature of this earthly realmWe are on the cusp of what is an ancient, yet new integration of our placement in the field of creation. To be the explorers and discoverers of a new (really ancient) paradigm requires letting go of long held assumptions. Let go and let’s go!

Sitting inside my home on a late afternoon after having spent the morning outdoors mulching garden beds and transplanting some seedlings that were ready to get out of pots I came inside to get out of the sun’s heat. The damn sky dimmers were at it again so the sky had turned from a pale cerulean blue to dull silvery grey. If this is supposed to help cool down the earth, I have news—it has the opposite effect of heating the ground, sucking the water out of plants and animals alike. The result of being overheated was me relaxing on my sofa, windows open for the gentle breeze when I found myself falling into a reverie on the nature of the earth realm—the contradictions, the competing voices, and all the unanswered questions played around in my mind.

I am tired of the stupidity around the topic of the “shape” of our realm and so it struck me that it is both! How could this be is what I will attempt to relay here on the page. The serious and intelligent flat earth investigators have done a good job disclosing the physics of the material world. Bendy immense bodies of water on a spinning ball defies the most basic physics and common sense. Just as our gaseous atmosphere juxtaposed to the vacuum of space and somehow these gases aren’t sucked into the vacuum defies the most basic logic. For all the convoluted mathematics used to prove this is possible, quite frankly it isn’t unless there is a barrier of some nature. Then there are the basics of perspective and how far our eyes see—the return of boats disappeared over the horizon with zoom lenses all should, at the very least, call any inquisitive mind to investigate further. Those who I listen to are intelligent, often spiritual, and while adamant in their findings tend toward a calm demeanor. 

Unfortunately most all debates on the subject are fairly useless in my humble opinion, degenerating into name calling, overused rhetoric, and angry abrupt departures from video streams. Another turn off for me is the seeming compulsion to put down globe believers with labels like ‘globetards’—it is the same tactic used by the globe believers who use equally demeaning labels. Humans have such a long road ahead if they can’t have a civil discussion, even a passionate one without using immature volatile language that does nothing to make a coherent case. 

Octaves of Truth

Then there are other folks whom I respect for their intelligence and spiritual acumen. Most of them don’t go into the shape of the realm argument, probably never having investigated it. They do, however, often work off the assumption of the heliocentric model. Should I turn the video off in a huff? Call them names? Of course not, for their works are valuable. It was when listening to one of these talks when a revelation hit me.

There are a handful of people whom I truly respect that find it necessary to call out the flat earth people making false or limited claims about those who have dedicated a great deal of time and research to the subject. Someone seeing the earth as flat with an ice wall does not translate into beliefs or thoughts such as “if we can just get to the Antartica we’d be free”. This is a straw man argument. Every single one of us who have taken a deeper dive holds a personal philosophy and as of yet I have never heard anyone state this belief. Painting any group with one brush is human ignorance.

The fact that so many people are triggered by this subject needs some analysis. And more than that we, as humans, need to stop belittling each other and creating discord. Sadly what I see so often are people, who otherwise intelligent, get drawn into this topic to specifically bait folks; this is such a low vibrational tendency and clearly illuminates how far they have to walk to immerse themselves in the All Loving Field of Creation. Love, as I have written about extensively is the uniting field, without it people will continue to stomp off in a rage, block those who were previous friends, or spend endless hours in debates that will go nowhere. It’s just another divide and finger pointing exercise. Friends, each one of us has some deep inner work to do if that is how we find ourselves reacting. The same attitude is expressed through other controversial subjects—virus vs. no-virus, right vs. left politics, vax vs. no-vax, race baiting, and poignantly disturbing to our psyche, Israel vs. Iran, Russia vs. Ukraine as the drums of war are pounded non-stop.

We need each other, and we certainly need clear voices on all fronts, voices that are intelligent, sane, and have done in-depth research on any given subject. From new biology, disclosing the virus lie, to serious political and geo-political analysis, we are called to be respectful of each other. There isn’t anyone whom I agree with on everything, I can maintain my unique perspective while learning what I myself haven’t researched. We also need to finely hone our discernment faculties, for without doubt there are trained and astute gas lighters, shills, and gatekeepers.

How the shape of the realm comes into focus is in the same manner that new biology is in actuality the rescuing of ancient knowledge and bringing it into the current paradigm of frequency healing, lost herbal lore, shamanic practices like sweat lodges, dancing and a myriad of other practices. It is the same with restoring our hidden and lost history. I doubt anyone reading my words would call this research archaic without value, yet when it comes to the topic of flat earth the installed triggers get tripped—curiosity and any sense of wonderment flies off into fictitious space.

My own perceptual awakening is documented elsewhere on my blog so I won’t repeat it here other than to state that it had to do with the sudden and profound knowing that the sun we see in our sky is local and not 93 million miles off in the distance. Full stop. Can the human eye really observe a celestial body at that distance no matter how large? It’s been several years now since this occurred and over time when I sun gaze it is beyond apparent that the sun is a great intelligence, there are pulsating gyrations and emanations that are clearly being downloaded into the earth realm and human consciousness. From my personal perception it is apparent that the sun we see acts as a lens to something fiery outside our perceptual ability to see. This is what crystalized in my mind while laying on my sofa. 

As this is an attempt to put to words something that arrived like a bold of lightening, I ask the reader to bear with me to see what develops. 

God Almighty—Omnipresent-Omnipotent resides outside time and space yet contains these concepts within this earthly manifestation has always been and will always remain beyond the comprehension of the human mind. This fiery light I will call emanations of creation from the Mind of God. One could for the sake of what I would like to disclose call the Godhead—the Mind of God as the eternal Spirit of the fiery light realm or the throne of God—everlasting and ever present. Only the most illumined Beings, those closest to the Godhead can maintain coherence in this fiery realm. On pondering this it became obvious (to me) that our local sun is a lens that focuses a potent ray of this light through our firmament. It may contain all knowledge however it is modulated by the requirements of Life on Earth.

What occurred to me was that there are countless universes and other realities revolving around the Sun that is God, I could see infinite rays emanating from this Source of All Light. Many people I know won’t even consider a the earth as a plane because they are enraptured with swirling galaxies and nebulae depicted by NASA as immense beauty. For me this is a type of escapism because nothing we are shown from space agencies is other than speculation based on captured radio and light frequencies that are generated into CGI computer images. Saying this, I still comprehend this sense of wonder as it was much of which fed my soul and imagination for many years. What I have found is that by leaving these images and story behind we enter another world of wonder and mystery, more lyrical, real, and directly connected to a reawakened human consciousness.

Harmony will only come to humankind when we comprehend and integrate that there are octaves of truth, the man sitting across the table from me has a completely different world view and yet the relationship we maintain is ruled by the heart, not the mind. Over the past decades of my own journey and increasingly present is the true embrace of the heart with those who cross my path. This falling in love is a surrender, the more I let go of the deeper is the love.

Baptism by Fire

From ancient esoteric teachings of all ages and forward to Christianity today it is well known that there are two baptisms, the first by water and the second by fire. It is my hope that my readers will be familiar with this or if not do some research. To contemplate, what does turning blood to light really entail?

Much is said and pondered about this realm being a simulation and a containment in which we humans are captured, some say we are prisoners while many others realize that being here is to ascend the ladder of trial and error (duality) through experiences. This is each individuals choice for much is based on speculation and always within the perception of the beholder. No need for me to reiterate my stand for it is why I primarily write about.

Electromagnetic Nature of Reality

I will leave this for now and perhaps return to it at a later date. What we perceive as our sun is the lens to The Source of All Light or God. So it is possible that our toroidal earth realm is also circling around a galactic center or a black hole, the void present in all toroidal manifestations? Everything in creation is patterned on the same electro-magnetic reality, from the tiniest particle to the grandest manifestations.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.