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Having previously written about aether cosmology and long ago having found that for something to be true with a capital ‘T’ it must line up across all mediums and philosophies, so I decided to do an exploration on human biology and the aether. We are verging on a true awakening at the same time that we are experiencing the necessary destruction of a false paradigm. The Apocalypse is the great revealing and will bring to fruition the true light of Love manifest. There is no doctrine, no religion, nor dogma attached to the profundity of comprehension that we are awakening to, for it is the rediscovery of the pure resonance of our real nature. 

When one allows themself to float unattached to systematic beliefs, riding the currents of the all encompassing and penetrating field of the Aether, it is there that we have access to our forgotten origins and divine nature. So allow that I share my experience from a few nights ago. 

I was listening to Veda Austin in an interview with Alec Zeck, her work with water is foundational to comprehend the mysterious nature of the Waters of Life. As I listened I found myself surrounded by a resonant field that I can only describe as the vibration of Love. All is so simple in the end, I’ve always known this; however, to experience it for over an hour came the beautiful realization that all I am and will ever be in essence is a field of gentle loving kindness.

For the past several years I’ve been listening to people as they share their dilemmas, expressions of anger or frustration, and at times a sense of despair. Having slowly honed away my own judgements and irritations has permitted me to sit in presence providing a space of acceptance, for every human wants to be loved and to love. There is an aspect of self that knows it holds the answers, that sees through the words into the essence of each soul, a desire arises, as Hafiz poetically penned, say to them; “I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.”

Clearly I don’t pretend to be a saint nor in any manner perfect in my expression, so once fully arriving back into this dream of duality I again find myself confronted with the petty irritations of living in a world of contradictions, subtle, and not so subtle lies. Once again I sense a vaporous shadow hiding in the depths that requires the light of my attention. I again will see a hidden part of me that insists others change, much weaker now though it still shows itself as a minor frustration. True humility requires constant vigilance of the forces that drive one’s attitudes, words, and actions.

For the many that find solace and guidance in the Bible it should be noted that the word meek evokes an idea of timidness and obedience. In truth it is best translated as humble, gentle, or forbearance under injury or provocation. The word humility still rankles in the minds of most men for a part of our nature is to fight and protect. Following my flow at the moment—to all my wonderful male friends, would you consider that humility leads to foreknowledge and unerringly directs how best to act. Your state of inner peace, when it reigns above all other impulses will hold you in stillness until action is called for. Of course, this goes without saying that women benefit greatly from this realization—reactionary emotional outbursts in women tend toward a different but equally disruptive course of action.

What is Aether Biology?

Here we must step off the ledge of the materialistic medical paradigm. At the very least set it aside, one can always go back to it, besides reading new explorations of how our body was created really can’t hurt anyone. We can all agree that we are experiencing life in a material realm because we see each other as separate along with the environment around us. Due to false science our minds have long been captured by the prevailing consciousness that our bodies are material with parts and operating systems.

Man has long tried to comprehend the function of his body, mind, and soul — he’s dissected, tritiated, analyzed, and put cells under a microscope in an attempt to find out what makes us tick. I won’t go so far as to say this curiosity was all done with harmful intent, for there is room for all manner of exploration. That said, it is well known and documented that at the turn of the century the Rockefeller Foundation with all its immense wealth started to flood universities with donations thereby changing what was taught to an atheistic materialistic model, other healing hospitals (ViroLIEgy’s article on the Flexner Report) were forced to close due to unscrupulous laws; this was done in an effort to stamp out the growing body of work with energy medicine. From homeopathy to lesser known modalities for at that time there was an explosion of researchers from Wilhelm Reich to Nicholas Tesla and multitudes of other names that were suppressed. More than a century passed until dedicated researchers started finding their important work and putting it to practice. Much like aether, alchemy is considered an arcane practice and so fell into disrepute, nearly forgotten except by a handful.

The foundation of aether biology is that everything in existence is essentially vibration and frequency held in material form. While many people mock the idea of aether without ever investigating it is the connecting link to being human and the ALL. The simplest way to describe aether is as the fifth state of matter, not perceivable to the human eye but knowable once comprehended. It is the medium that connects everything to everything else, without it we would not have life as we experience it.

While many folks can accept the Akashic records, ESP, spontaneous healing, shamanism, and all manner of phenomena that is not explained by the current mechanical world view—but say the word aether and they balk, either uncomprehending or will say prove it. So thoroughly was this knowledge erased from the scientific literature that folks think it’s an archaic meaningless word.

In essence we are water; for too long we’ve been curtailed in this knowledge by the prevailing thought forms to fully comprehending this fact. As we shed the academic structures and return to a holistic view the waters are not only the molecule H2O, they are knowable as the very fountain of Life, they fully hold memory and unerringly guide us to a life full of joy and overflowing love. Water is as essential for life as is light. John 4:14 ” ..but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life.” For those who know the Spirit of Christ that dwells within will also intuitively know of the Living Waters that flow through all eternity.

The Waters of Life

The call that heralded me to go to Standing Rock was Water is Life, I don’t stop my flow by questioning a call. What I can say is that when there is a resonance of truth, it is known without doubt. The same can be said by hearing the language in scripture, The Living Waters always evoked a response of the same knowing. Far too many people say things without ever opening the mind in wonderment and curiosity. What are these living waters? Note that the word is plural.

I am not new to this current of investigation—it has taken many pathways over the years, from learning about plasma, GANS (gas at a nano state as presented by the Keshe foundation), to bathing in the purest waters of mountain streams. Inevitably there is an undeniable recognition that there is something mysteriously magical about water and beyond—not empty space nor simple air. The Waters Above is a Biblical phrase that is seldom contemplated to the fullness of its meaning. What are these waters? Easily known to all are the oceans, the seas, rivers, and lakes—deep wells, pure underground reservoirs, rivers being born from under mountains, and sacred springs have all been long recognized as places of Spiritual renewal and healing.

Most people are familiar with the work of Masaru Emoto and the forms in which water freeze according to projected thoughts. Have you stopped long enough to wonder and explore what your thought forms create in your own body? Veda Austin takes this study to new horizons and without doubt shows that by being love we are the reality of Life creating Life in abundance.

Once the Aether is remembered and reinstated into our investigations as the Waters Above—indeed the medium in which all life is created we can begin a renewed journey of Spiritual awakening.

The Living Waters – Click on image for Veda Austin interview with Alec Zeck


“Without the orchestra of the universe,

There would be no ether.

And without its instrumentation

By the ether,

There would be no waves.

And without any waves,

There would be no sound.

And without sound,

There would be no music.

And without music,

There would be no life.

And without a life force,

There would be no matter.

But it does not matter –

Because what is matter,

If there is no light?”

― Suzy Kassem

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