The Aether & Our Functional Realm with Austin Witsit | Alfa Vedic

A worthy listen …

In this much anticipated Alfacast we amass further evidence that the Earth Realm is, indeed, very different than what we have been taught.

The large swath of unthinking Man that is not immediately dismissive when confronted with the transparent incongruities of conventional “science”, will simply inquire “but, what difference does it make?”

The term Terra Firma has significance well beyond the connotation of solid land, as it also serves as a bedrock of understanding in all that follows.  

Any distortion of the authentic nature of its form and function by necessity impedes the evolution of humanity in this incubation chamber of consciousness that we consider our primary habitat.

Our very special guest for this episode, Austin Whitsitt, will, yet again, lend further perspective on this intriguing topic from prior Alfacast guests that have dared to question the spinning globe status quo.

Austin is an activist, debater, musician, and content creator, with a primary focus on aether cosmology.

He has traveled the breadth of the continent, engaging in public activism on topics related to cosmology, while advocating for truth regarding the plandemic. As the founder of Audit NASA, Austin leads efforts to ensure governmental honesty and transparency, holding organizations like NASA accountable for their actions. 

This is one not to be missed, as Austin and the AV crew deep dive into the very aetheric mechanisms underlying the totality of Creation!

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After having written my two previous articles exploring the true nature of our realm I came across this video. Alfa Vedic’s podcasts are rarely skipped and I am fairly familiar with Austin Whitsitt though the long format videos he shares are often not listened to all the way through. Little matter, for we, the growing number of people who are vibrating at a resonant frequency close to stillness are living a simple truth that has been buried for generations.

Speaking soulfully for myself, this comprehension of the Nature of our realm is embedded in every single particle of matter. The Aether is the ALL, you can even make the comparison to God, omnipresent and omniscient for it is the sea in which all potential presents, emanates from and returns to. As such it is not subject to space and time though it contains these constructs within it.

I have come to agree that the words flat earth are a psy-op of sorts, not necessarily because many who subscribe to the proofs presented are in on it. No, it’s become a psy-op because it is a trigger word, just mention you are into flat earth and you will be ridiculed, blocked or receive a blank stare. I have watched some pretty far out people go ape-shit on flat earthers. When Austin stated he doesn’t like that term and prefers true earth or aether cosmology I totally agreed. In past writings I have discussed this subject openly. From my inner perceptions and studies the Earth is an infinite plane encompassing realms within realms, all is connected by the aether. A study of toroidal forms, vibration, and the aether could serve many well. I will leave it here for the moment and those who have a piqued curiosity will delve further.