Is this not me …

Is this not me as I stand in front of the mirror today, the one who stood outside of time and space and made the decision to join the game. The one who stood with others as we confabulated this journey. Is this not me, the one standing in front of the mirror who sees her face change from a Puritan male to a Grecian goddess.

Is this not me who in her past arrogance stood above the rest in a position of worship, who strode the earth with her lover Shiva and who then embodied the rage of Lakshmi? Is it not I that stood hot tears streaming down her face, hand in hand with her king, looking out across the northern sea, as she saw before her the beginning of the end of magik on her sacred Earth.

Is it not I who was beaten tortured and made to obey. Is it not I who stood silent when I should have spoken. Am I not the betrayer and the betrayed.

Is this not me, sad today because we squabble over interpretations? Is this not me today in my aging body looking for ways to maintain my vital energy? And in front of this mirror is it not I that made the choice to leave behind my own personal happiness to find the elusive answer of  Who am I?  Who made the choice to remove the veil and who has realized that this choice has consequences?

So I am aware of the this one, standing naked and bare before herself that I am not my body, I am not even my soul, I am more, I am ageless and timeless. I am source and I am you as you are me.

The real question is what am I becoming today? What am I directing today, where am I going today? Have I too succumbed to the weight of the world or will I prevail a spirit free.

A being can be happy, have a great attitude and live a beautiful life without being free. I choose freedom above these ephemeral things. I choose this because I know I have been enslaved.

There are no perfect choices, just choices. A way has been shown out of the prison planet, so for all who have dared I salute you and honor you in your transparent honesty.

I find this thread of investigation fascinating in that it calls us to reexamine our own understanding, to grasp again that we are the weavers of our reality (we have been co-opted!) and then to actually reclaim our power and create the change we want to see.

Christine ~ first published 17 May 2013



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