A Synopsis of a Symposium on the MILAB phenomena and other related matters

Round Table July 25thGood early morning here, I woke with much buzzing around my head, hard to hear the bird song outside the window. Pressure on my crown like something is pushing and drawing at the same time. The reason I introduce this article with these words will become apparent

Yesterday I sat on a panel of researchers and experiences that I can truly say with humility was a great honor. Follows is my synopsis:

A few of you who joined the Webinar as participants and came into the conference room early would be aware of the jittery and at moments contradicting energies as we prepared. This is normal of course, though heightened by the subject matter we were addressing in such a profoundly intelligent manner, the MILAB phenomena and all its corollaries of trauma based mind control…  Yesterday, from dawn until the panel gathered, I detected a rather large infiltrating interference field, it was diffuse without any hooks so I really couldn’t get a line in to find out where it was coming from, I have noticed this more often lately, not only my self but many others are reporting the same.

Being an experiencer of a variety of control mechanisms (aren’t we all!) I have developed a second attention or antenna that routinely scans my environment for specific “signals” … call it a second set of senses that are linked to my normal five senses though these senses are picked up by my more etheric Self overseeing and informing my daily mind.

Yesterday felt like I was walking through a thick soup of non-noise if I may, close to what I have heard described as white noise, it is there, felt and sensed more than heard, the effects are a dampening down of mental clarity along with feelings of extreme exhaustion. The response pattern I was in was a shrinking of my etheric body and a holding of my energy, just holding on to what space I could without succumbing to the invasive frequency around me. Single pointed attention is another way of putting it, I knew that “the fog” would clear though I must say that I was being prompted to not show up for the symposium, free floating thought forms were looking for a place to land within my sphere.. “you don’t know what you are talking about”, “you don’t belong with the group” … holding my own sovereign space … exhaustion tries to take over … “this is dangerous”, “your family will suffer”, “walk away”. Non-reactivity becomes essential in a situation like this, the simple act of holding your own conscious space and observing is an act even if you feel extremely uncomfortable the patterning frequencies will eventually have to loosen their grip.

While one could determine this to be normal psychological profiling of nervousness before an event, I know that we are not living in normal times and that a Spiritual battle is raging. And Being a Knower I also am developing the ability to disassociate at will from thought forms that I recognize as not mine. Even if they emerge with an appearance of coming from within me I Know I maintain my own authority to choose whether to go into agreement, engage with them or not. Yesterday took a lot of focus so I don’t say that in any cavalier manner. Indeed the purpose of our coming together on the symposium was to find ways we can support each other to loosen the pernicious control grid we are immersed in.

Happy to report I showed up. As we deepened into the field and subject matter something I have experienced before happened, what occurs organically when a group of integrous souls gather; we established coherency, our heart resonance fields connected, not by us doing but through the resonant matrix of subliminal space a strong morphic field emerged and held. The deepest level of human respect for each other including all participants allowed us to come To-get-Her.

Where I find myself going with this writing is that while the information, the discussion of phenomena and the analysis are essential so is the field itself, the space between the words that is informing our more subtle and multi dimensional bodies as we detach from all the control systems. That for my Self this is Reality birthing.

A sacred space is created and clarity of mind can shine in true illumination.

We are planning on more symposiums, both large and small. Earth Empaths since its inception emerged with just this purpose and is an open source for collaboration.

Some organization is necessary of course but so is spontaneity … a moment embraced. We would love to hear from anyone reading this if they would like to participate or initiate a symposium. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Symposium_%28Plato%29

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Blessings unbound!