Experiencers of Anomalous Trauma – Support Group August 21, 2015

PrintIn light of the positive responses from our MILAB Experiencer Round Table and Symposium Discussion (7/25/015) via RISE Multiversity, we decided it would be a good idea to create an interactive video-conferencing online support group for experiencers of anomalous trauma.

Because anomalous trauma can create post traumatic stress and in many cases, social isolation due to the high strangeness of these experiences, finding support in a concrete interpersonal way is rare. We may be able to attend conferences, view various YouTube videos, radio shows and internet forums, but the real interpersonal support aspect is missing or too costly.

Eve Lorgen (anomalous trauma counselor, author,  researcher), Laura Leon (Experiencer and Holographic Kinetics practitioner, multidimensional seer) and Christine Anderson (Co-founder of Earth Empaths, former moderator on Avalon forum and empirical wisdom counselor) are offering to co-facilitate a support group for interested parties. Those who have had any kind of anomalous trauma such as alien/ET abduction, interferences, love bite, Dark Cupid relationship interference, spiritual warfare targeting, MILAB or MKUltra will benefit from participating. We are planning to offer twice a month continued support in a group setting and we also offer private sessions.

Due to the nature of this kind of trauma, confidentiality and building a space for trust and healing is important if any real support and healing can occur. We will model some of the support modalities on practices such as Compassionate Communication, reflective empathy and Inner Empathy. See: http://www.listeningway.com/cctutorial-1.html and http://innerempathy.com

In this kind of intimate and safe support group we can address:

  • Identifying our feelings and the needs beneath them
  • Learning how to communicate in non-blaming, non-critical ways, with words that describe real feelings and needs
  • Learning how to listen with presence of awareness, and non-reactivity
  • Learning how to build and strengthen our witnessing, spacious compassionate presence of Spirit (This would be the true Zero point essence of being, not robotic and unfeeling)
  • Learning how to engage in mutual support, so that one can be both a reflective listener and able to speak vulnerably without repressing true feelings and issues that compromise ones well being
  • Understanding the deeper dynamics of “interdimensional interference” and how to deal with it when it happens in our life and relationships.

For maximum effectiveness, a group with no more than 15 participants is suggested. Price is $35 US and we will be online from two to three hours. If you cannot afford the price please contact Evie or Christine to arrange for fair exchange.

To sign up please go to this link:  Donate $35  Fill in the price and send a note that it is for the Experiencers Support Group

Please contact us if you have personal questions:

Eve Lorgen: elorgen@gmail.com

Christine Anderson: christine@earthempaths.net

Laura Leon: sovereignkees@gmail.com


Please download zoom.us on to your computer prior to the meeting and become familiar with it. Thanks!

All inquiries and technical issues with software should be addressed to earthempaths@gmail.com 


In collaboration with Rise Multiversity, we send our deepest gratitude.



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