The Legend of White Buffalo Calf Woman

What has been coming to me very strongly this last few days is a pull to investigate and energetically move into resonance with the many stories of White Buffalo Calf Woman. I have also been moving more into examining the energy of what I can only refer to as a universal creative intelligent loving energy that animates nature and had the realization of her as a woman.

Not just any woman either. More like the big mama. Like she has come from source, experienced it all, and fully embodies the big mystery of life itself. She loves because she knows from actual experience the path of the warrior. She knows that it is right for her to love and nourish her creations because she has already come through the fire and has made a choice. She has grown and evolved and embodies all possibilities. She loves us so much that she allows us to experience for ourselves what she already knows. And she will also guide us so that we can experience her as a being in her own right. She is the spark of light within.

But I also get that each person must choose according to who and where they are in their own development. I feel there is no judgment.

I feel drawn to her though like a moth to flame. She is just a half click on the dial from the current reality channel. I feel the time of sacred magic is upon us. A time when we will be able to call the rains. A time when we once again speak to all of nature and we can trust that we are heard. It is also a time when those who fear this will be openly playing their cards to keep this from being able to surface fully in this world. For me, it is inevitable. But it almost certainly will not be experienced the same by everyone.

I feel it may be much like the story of White Buffalo Calf Woman, where the two men encountered her. One recognized her as a sacred and holy being, while the other did not. They each had a different outcome.


One thought on “The Legend of White Buffalo Calf Woman

  • September 26, 2018 at 3:26 am

    Oh my deepest gratitude and respect for this post. The white buffalo calf woman is upon us. Within us. A reflection of our worth. The beauty that resides in each of us asking to be spoken in truth and honor. Oh my heart is so thankful for this beautiful message.
    The medicine of white buffalo calf woman resonates so deep within my core.

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