Being Free and Remembering to Fly

We began by exploring our fractured self, the inner pathways of Gnosis, a door that opened and with courageous heart we entered a vast space, sometimes frightening, often times guarded by apparent beasts and most certainly prohibited by the ‘gate keepers’ and ‘time lords’. (There is a reason for these “entities”, that too is being revealed and will be discussed in a future post.)

Now we watch, we are the testimony and the navigators, we have stepped into our divine inheritance and no manner of manipulation will be able to stop us. One Being’s light can move mountains, our combined Light will move the Earth. She is guiding us, listen.

How we have survived, how we have overcome is the human story beating at the very center of our Beings. By stopping the madness long enough to hear, supporting each other in spite of what our civil society has told us our values are, we found free choice, we withdrew our consent in statements of noncompliance, the door of peaceful sovereignty is reached.

We evoke the Universal Codes of Law in our Universe and in so doing, it is so. We gather. Pieces united, the great rift is closing, we are healing in time and space now.

Science has reached the doors of Spirit and those who know have entered there. The mystics of the past, the Knowers of Now and the Sages of the future are here and Truth is revealing.

We remember, we have stepped off the wheel of time and karma, we are the very Ones we have been waiting for.

Our Work will not make those who cling to the crumbling matrix comfortable, we make no excuses or apologies for what is necessary to break the pernicious grip of fear and false belief in an Universe of scarcity. Embrace abundance now.

The world some cling to is already no more, let go and allow the Cosmic river to carry you, be your own rudder and sail, open your wings and fly.