Enter the Silence – the space between words

I am feeling distraught and accept that this serves me. It brings me to a point between the words, the silent chamber within that informs without prejudice, without judgement, it is my Truth and as I inform the Universe, She graciously informs me.

I question the grip of ignorance on the consciousness of humankind, why do people cling to systems that have the singular objective to control them? All systems ultimately have consciousness and will fight to maintain themselves, the death of a system is when it becomes irrelevant. It is the whole of us that keeps any system operating, be it political, philosophical, financial, religious or cultural. With the advent of knowledge of the NWO (New World Order) we can clearly follow the patterns of control and now are able see the top of the pyramid of control, but most can’t yet see the root of control, it hides in the shadows.

Embracing paradoxes is a key:  Science of Mind has a corollary, the Science of Mind Control, Abundance Philosophies – continue taking from our Mother Earth without returning to Her (She IS renewable though I seriously see that we are now viewed as an invasive species) or develop Free Energy clean technologies, The Greatest Good – Vaccinate all people or Trust that the human body is a Divine vehicle, etc., this list goes on and on as paradoxes expand into a seemingly endless arenas of contention … So here I stop and reflect.

Some days I sit in silent adoration of Life in Her Creation, in her beauty as tears well up from my soul’s memory. Other moments are spent sailing on the Cosmic seas of unseen potentialities, breathtaking views of a grandeur yet known. And some days I feel like kicking out some bad ass Truth …

Time is no more, we are truly standing on the edge of infinity and yet humankind slumbers and contents itself with crumbs of knowledge sugar coated in political correctness. Sometimes my stomach turns. What will it take to wake the sleeping Lion, where are all the brave hearts of ages past? Yes! I see you here and there and my heart soars with yours! And then I show my pearls to another and he argues me back to silence.

Such is the state of affairs on planet Earth …

What I bring to Light within my Vessel is the sacred inner chamber of Gnosis, it is free from systems, it is a self operating state of energetic individualism. I am the Spirit individuated in the authority of the Light of my own Being. The shadow world is embraced within me, knowledge of its agendas and operating mechanisms is the root of my freedom. By extending into the unseen subterranean realities I am liberated to expand into the Heavens. And so my Cosmic Tree grows.