A Story Trying to Tell Itself

Author: Laurie Thompson – Spiritwind

Images of traumatized fragments of frozen consciousness in the form of ice, raining down on Gaia. Water beings suddenly encountering a different kind of water, with a different kind of consciousness. The daughter receives the pieces of her mother with great sadness, for she can feel the trauma of the spirit of her people as she receives them into her bosom. She can feel the energy of deceit and its camouflaged trickery, as the predator also enters her life giving waters. She know what lies ahead, for herself, and all the myriad forms of life who live both inside her being and on the surface. Life will never be the same as it was.

But her love for her mother is unconditional, and she understands the commitment this undertaking will require. As she receives this tremendous burden of unresolved pain she falls deeper and deeper into a state of forgetfulness. All life will feel the burden of being immersed in these new waters infested with rage and predatorial consciousness, as it works its way to the surface of the higher mind. For, just as sure as a balloon filled with air will instinctively bob to the surface, so will each soul find its way back to awareness.

Time in this equation is irrelevant. The Great Spirit sends the messenger to tell me that Grace has arrived.

Love has already won = now