The Imperceptible Awakens Within | Love in Space

Blazing colors of the setting sun as she reaches the waters edge, she dips a foot in … the body sighs to feel the warmth as she slowly submerges into the liquid space. A further letting go.

These past hours, past days have been of some discomfort. She knows now to just let these feelings be what they are, something wants to emerge from deep down, like tiny bubbles rising slowing in a thick energetic mass that has some movement now where it was once so solid, some barely perceptible rhythm.

Deep breath, deep sigh.

The sound that reaches the mind is doubt, underlying this reality is a sea of doubt, with inky tentacles it reaches into the mind and the stranger’s thoughts occur.

Here she pauses in her plunge to listen.

These thoughts obscure the sun’s penetrating rays, they play with the emerging sense of Being, so poised, so graceful, so fluid. She sees inwardly the ink of the octopus in the swirling waters of the salty seas, it hides itself from its prey this way … deeper ponder now.

It is all a fluid dance, this watery world. Our eyes betray us held as we are in our captivity … shift, shift such a subtle shift of sight and the dance is eternally seen. The lava cores that once were the fire dragons erupting into an ancient sea are now dismantling in the subtle shifts of the Earth’s skin and the upward drifts of wind that carve the faces of the ones who watch there. Movement, never ending cosmic dance, the inevitable is known in these subtle fields.

Floating on her back now in the embracing waters she touches you in your slumbering form. She sees the body that she loves and gently touches it … faster than light she is shot to the stars, you are somewhere there, exploring, searching … so tiny. She follows where she can, she is here and there in this field she Knows now is Love.

Senses awaken as the body temple floats. She feels the thermal water jets caressing her back, a touch so tender as her hair swirls at the hollow of her back. A bubble is momentarily caught beneath her floating form, it rises as it must and finding release a little tickle, an inner sensation of joy; so quiet is this joy so easily it can be overlooked.

she is here and She is there. The wind moves in the trees, calling her as she listens, lifting her body from the warmth she allows the winds cool chill to envelop her… a small rise of feeling and her mouth gasps to this sense of her eternity. A gentle wisp of wind kisses her mouth, touches her tongue and she knows this is you.

You and She are every where in this moment, the stars, the sky of space, the water and wind, the trees are singing and a night bird chirps.

A smile moves on her lips and a song is strumming in her heart…

Doubt, says who?

I slept so deeply and woke floating in a sea of luminous eggs, adrift on the currents. She is remembering it all now… and so are you.

Love unbound,