Return to Innocence | The Road Home

She hears … None will be left behind.

These words are slow in arriving, some parts don’t want to look this way, too hard and so easily overlooked in the rush toward the unknown, the excitement of the returning energies, the rise and fall of the wave sweeping up masses of memory and swirling them around in some cosmic cleansing.

The power of Love washes over me and through me again and again, further surrender, deeper into the Mother who bares all things. So long She has held us … waiting through eternities that all rush toward one moment now.

Presence Is.

Then one image evokes a sudden pang, the reality comes crashing in and she hears these words, “no child left behind.” Not the co-opted politicized phrase that leaves the taste of bile in her mouth … no, a real message rings through her whole being – her body, mind and soul.

In this moment the tiger in her rises full force, she allows the rant.

I take back from your sullied hands the use of words to convey a twisted commercialized usage of MY Words… I, full force Tiger Mom will roar. Tiger’s do not use their young they protect them! Nor do cougars prey on their young for entertainment. So to those bastardizations of OUR language; I by Will, revoke all right to use these words that diminish the force of the Feline nature. I stand here roaring as tiger mom and wisdom cougar, one who has lived, one who was hunted and one who has survived.

What came to this lady in a pool under a starry sky last night was so startling and so clear … None will be left behind. This goes very deep, so deep I can barely breathe. Sits for a moment to allow the space to expand.

Connections are being made, con-verse-sations are taking place, time is adjusting and folding with fluidity now. Awareness in Presence is touching on something that will only be revealed as it can. There is a beat.

She listens.

We, those who awoke in our Gnowing are listening, a harmonic in unison and yet each must follow their inner drummer. We have wondered and looked at all the innocence in our world and asked, what of those who aren’t awake, who aren’t aware?

She hears … None will be left behind. One tear is all that is shed, something deeper knows, some infinite power she knows as love is working through us all.

Beyond the shadows of doubt … we Gnow.

Pausing to turn around and see outside of me.