My Path of Self Discovery

This started out to be my bio, but ended up with this. It’s funny how I just don’t even feel like talking about all the things I’ve done, and that have happened to me when describing who I am now. It’s like I am meeting someone I know, but couldn’t remember. It’s a becoming that I don’t even know for sure how it will look. But the incredible anxiety I used to feel is dissipating more and more. That is a good thing.

Hello. My name is Laurie Thompson. I have been a life long searcher for truth. Along the way I have found I had to deprogram myself from the false matrix built on lies and deception that we have all been immersed in. So I have had to expose the lies I have told myself were true, to make room for new understanding. It has been a fascinating and sometimes painful journey, but strangely now, I wouldn’t change a thing. I am grateful beyond words for the gentle nudging from the spirit world, and a combination of making friends with both my subconscious self, as well as the part of myself that has always remained in contact with a more complete knowing and understanding realm of existing and being.

It’s been a process of shadow work, a lot of self reflection, using a variety of tools, and then integrating each new piece of the larger puzzle of who I am, where I came from, and where I am going. It is a dynamic and always flowing process, that continues to show me where the totality of my energy has become stuck and static, so I can get that energy moving again, in a balanced and harmonic way. I feel this is something I used to know how to do, but simply forgot due to the trauma that has continued to repeat itself over and over again in different ways, until I heal it all the way back to its origin. That’s the plan for now anyway.

I see my past now as simply a catalyst to get me to where I am now, although I could have chosen at any point not to participate in this free form dance of life in the fast lane. It only picks up speed with each piece of myself as it becomes integrated back into the whole of who I really am, at my core. Because this seems to be a path of expansion and healing, and I see many of my brothers and sisters here, who are sharing the journey with me in a variety of ways, struggling to figure out why they feel an escalating sense of anxiety as to where we are collectively headed, I choose to speak my truth. Because I wish to assist in relieving that anxiety, so they can see what may lie beneath it. Fear has a tendency to freeze one into uncomfortable positions that only create more pain, fear, anxiety, and discomfort. There is a way out, and I would be irresponsible if I were to keep this monumental secret to myself.

Unfortunately, words will always fall short of experiencing the journey for the self, but they can still help to point the way. I know I am grateful for the nuggets of insight, wisdom, and way showing of others who have likewise assisted me on my personal journey. Another way to thank them is to also share with others who may be ready to embark on their own personal path of discovery and don’t know where to start. Letting go can be difficult for so many reasons, and starting something new can be fraught with anxiety over the uncertainty of it all. I am here to tell you there is nothing to fear, and it’s all been worth it, every step of the way. I am getting a glimpse of where I am going. I am not going alone either, there are many who accompany me. There is room for more. Where I am going is out of this world, in a good way. I ask no one to follow me, but if you wish to go, I will gladly hold your hand to reassure you, it’s going to be ok.