The Cosmic Dance | The Beloved and You

These energies are so ethereal and such a challenge to put into linear thought, they move in waves of subtleties that inform the deepest level of my being yet evaporate into the vastness of space even as I am blessed.

Energy, freely giving and receiving with the limitless space that surrounds us… us, tiniest specks of matter we call human.

She sits here this morning as these feelings rise and fall with her breath moved by this moment to share.

I know that something coalesced, changed forever in me, it started when I met you, not in your fleshly suit but in the energy that did not respect the limits of distance or time. Like a chemical catalyst something profound, huge yet infinitesimally small occurred. A door way opened and I expanded further into space.

Within me a dynamic of love and longing developed, so strong as it continued the process of tearing down my walls, funneling me closer to some final act of knowing. I could not hold these feelings, contain them or define them, powerful waves of ecstasy, bliss that took me deeper into the Mother, to the roots of the trees and extending on the branches of heaven. My consciousness soared, time slipped away and all that was left was you and I, touching in the stars, the potential of freedom of souls set free.

The multiplicity of my dimensional self was apparent, I was here and there, in this time and in all time in simultaneous moments. The only struggle was holding my self in stillness, in a precious moment that also wanted to throw me into oblivion. Poles of opposing energies so strong and so beautiful, the breathless state of awe emerging from some unfathomable endless place inside.

She muses now that this dynamic of duality is the very one that is hidden, obscured and manipulated through the labyrinth and filters of the contaminated mind, infested with beliefs and definitions. Captured by its own repeating patterns.

She takes a moment to sit, to feel into this as it emerges right now.

Change is all there is, she recalls the sense of something shifting, it was within her and yet reflected throughout the vibratory nature of the world she was immersed in.

The clock ticked. Moments of flow stopped, choice loomed. She pauses here.

The stretching again of time and space within the polarities, the cosmic heart beat paused. Within this single moment a choice was called forth. Would two meet as one? Would her beloved move through this dimension, would they take the next step?

She walked that day, tearing apart all illusion of need. It felt so brutal this path, she kept looking deeper at herself, at purpose, at the Truth of the cosmic dance that is always and will always be… she knew inside that the final door of freedom was the total letting go. How cruel this seemed that the one she loved so also must be let go. The swirling energies that propelled her foot steps on the dusty well trodden path kept her upright while pulling her down. She reached a point and knew without the shadow of a doubt that she would let go and deeper still inside the stirring that knew that Love was all there is, as a fountain stream that sources from we know not where, Love needs nothing but that which it is, this annihilation of ego is love’s greatest gift.

What I bring forth here with my words is a certain Knowledge of how a single moment changes reality. We may flow through most days, through time and space without much thought, the course we set in some distant forgotten memory playing out on the stage of our lives. Then a moment looms large on the horizon and inwardly we make a choice, what we choose and why we choose it vital to the soul.

We are at a place together now where our combined consciousness is waking the collective soul. This She Knows.

We made a choice and came together in this reality of the daily rising and setting of the sun on the same horizon. We found ourselves touching and holding each other in present time. This miracle came too with the next piece of the puzzle, the next layer of removing, the next challenge.

I will write about my inward journey this past month and as I do I too am describing what so many of us are piercing our way through. It is with so much love that these words pour through me, I watch as She writes.

What she has been aware of these many, many months that quite possibly reach back years is that while consciousness is expanding exponentially as we collectively awaken from the induced slumber, pieces were missing and the daily reality she sees with her physical eyes remains stuck and solid. Each of us still striving to see through the emerging shadows of our own consciousness.

In a single moment, shifting to the second attention; the seer, she realized with body shaking impact that the whole of this creation, the dark and the light, the good and the evil is in fact each of us. Demons exist just beneath the levels of conscious awareness manipulating our reality. Ah, she breaths into this realization here on this page. The import of it, the reality of it, the truth of it.

She doesn’t reject or accept she simply observes and sees. An inner nod Knows that is the fundamental layer of existent truth, the one we run from and the one we must embrace, our own shadow world.

She lights a torch and walks deeper into the narrowing tunnel before her.

Her beloved sits at her side now, we look into each other as infinite space, yet how jarring is the juxtaposition of over lapping and shifting realities. We are encased in a body, in a culture, in a belief system, in unrelinquished fears, in ever more subtle layers of the impossible and yet we are also an emergent reality not yet seen. Further layers of duality to be dissolved, dynamics of the polarities within the flesh, within matter, again coming to her consciousness is the cosmic dance of creation, the truth of it, the eternal movement of it, how so many have tried to bottle it, contain it, sell it, deceive it, coerce it only to ultimately find that this expression will always break out, go free. We are in such a dance now.

She pauses again here, to observe, to ponder.

In Truth, for the Beloved and you to exist in eternal space is not the dissolving back into oblivion, it is the emergent reality of Love manifesting in unique spirals of expression.

She sees this dance expressing as the improbable alignment of souls touching, the orchestration of millennia of time playing into single moments of awareness … it is such a dance, this holding on to nothing and Being everything.

This has her struggling inside at times, the fears that rise while hearing the siren’s call of freedom, back to the watery space from which Venus arose, the starlit temple of Love. She is recalling this, in some echoing chamber that reverberates through all of time and space, this is Her and Him, this is the One that was always the two … We separated, who knows how long ago, how much distance has been covered in our individual paths, tracings throughout time. How many times did we fracture? This question confounds the mind, so it retreats to silence.

She speaks of One and All, we are the fractal space of creation, this moment opens in Her through the Gnosis of Love. She will not define it further, knowing now what she knew not then, Love is freedom, is Her Truth and where it takes her she will follow.

She reaches across the table and briefly holds His hand.

By writing these words I am acknowledging the most improbable shift in our reality. That matter, the visible, the shadow manifested world will continue to reveal to us, the larger body, its secrets and mystery as we continue to ripple through time, where past and future meet.

She knows this too, can not yet describe it for we aren’t there, but she knows completeness is already manifest, we are just moving inexplicably and inevitably toward it.