Individuated Consciousness Within The Unified Field


Lily Earthling Kolosova and Niels Kunze join claudia and christine of Earth Empaths to freely share on “Overcoming Dissension Within the Truth Movement.”

Several weeks ago we all got together with the idea of forming a panel to discuss the growing amount of disinformation and dissension within the loosely named Alternative Media Community. Alfred Lambremont Webre was going to join us, unfortunately the distortion/ dissension mechanism that plays on egos got in the way. Perhaps the doors of opportunity will open again.

Shane was unable to join us due to technical difficulties with his computer and then his internet, we will definitely be sharing with him in the future.

Those of us that are speaking today are doing so with the highest consciousness we can so as to not stir controversial fires. That said, individually we all felt the pull of Spirit to start speaking more directly about what we are seeing in the field of alternative media. Each of us has in varying degrees been immersed in this mechanism that spins out stories, news, intel and an ever increasing and dizzy rate.

As insiders and outsiders both, indeed our collaborative message is “Be Your Own Insider”: source yourself as the only truly viable means to be able to discern, navigate and analyze the overflow of incoming data.

Paraphrasing Kerry Cassidy in her interview with Shane aka: The Ruiner and Randy Maugans in his latest podcast with Thomas Williams; those many who have been inside the sometimes three ring circus, who have dedicated their efforts to fundamentally looking for the truth outside of personal agendas and prejudices we act as catalysts, synthesizers and in some cases harmonizers.

Quickly approaching a time of not only increased chaos but a powerful potential that will make Communion the only Real asset.

“All a musician can do is to get closer to the sources of nature, and so feel that he is in communion with the natural laws.”  – John Coltrane