Thunder in the Silence | Communion 11:11


when I am silent, thunder - RumiShe has been out pondering under the stars lately.

We discovered a rock pillar shaped like a heart jutting 75 feet upwards on the edge of a stone walled canyon that embraces stepped pools of water captured from the rain fall. We go there at night to lie on our backs and watch the sky.

This is communion, (communication in union), silent listening with the wholeness of the feeling body. While the mind wants words, concepts and calculations the body vessel wanders the galaxy and hears the resonant heart beat of all creation. Thunder at the central core that is only Known in silence. Gnosis, we are building ships.

She keeps nudging me to write this.

I have spent several years now making videos and writing, conjoining with friends to share our inner Workings. This outward expression has been a joyful romp filled with wonders, lots of laughter, sprinkled with tears, a painful journey at times, it has been awesome to watch us blossom into our own self contained flowers of life.

Recently I listened to kara on a video she made with Lily and claudia of Earth Empaths. I was impressed with a very vital piece of gnosis, that the flower of life as a geometric form springs spontaneously into creation! And when it fulfills its purpose it dissolves, Wow! Adding to the beauty of synchronicity as an affirmation of communion within the field, we were focusing on the flower of life in our work with Orgonite Art.

She asks that reader and writer to ponder this.

You see we are entrained systematically to see geometry as solid, fixed and immutable, humans are so easily led, shame that really, it is time to unwind time.

She goes full stop for a moment.

We are the source and the eternal water of life flowing through us at our very core, what joy is felt when we Know this, beyond doubt, freed from false beliefs and entrainment systems. Myself and others are writing and speaking about these systems and how the system is breaking down and why it must. Meanwhile the system and its dependents will fight with their last dying breath and in so doing reveal the core we all share.

She says this a preamble to where we are going now.

Thunder in the silence. What all true mystics, ancient and modern alike gnow. Stillness in the storm, the eye of the hurricane, the knowing and the observer united.

She has watched carefully and pondered openly.

Her observations are that we are moving through a subtler field now. One that defies descriptors and linear word lines, unless we hear and sing them as song-lines like the ancient of ancients the aborigines do. This subtle fields morphs and replicates so stepping here one must take off their shoes, strip off their clothing and stand naked and bare. Stop the mind mechanics to listen, this is a silent place, the sacred most inner chamber of the alchemists.

Full stop again.

Fortunately this sacred ground can’t be entered by force nor manipulated though it has been occulted, there were reasons for that, of course. Many stop at the outer door, think they know and in so doing make a mess of things, for to enter there one will walk to the roots of evil and then, only then, will Be Able to integrate the beauty of duality within the single flower of self.

She knows you know this.

This idea keeps springing upon me. No group meditation, no more group intent, no flourished announcements, no more words. There is communion, it is our most gentle strength of Spirit, when we gather in silence in mass we move mountains.

She smiles at me.

Communion 11:11 is an 11 minute and 11 second (give or take a gazillion moments) time of silence. The aetheric field is heard in sacred listening, we the naked knower hear and observe.

The workings of this are thus, no one leads, no announcement is given other than perhaps a reminder of single thought such as Communion: Trees. No one tells another what to think, perceive or how to do anything, simply Be silent and commune. It is a spontaneous expression of joy, a momentary entry into the inner most chamber. And it can’t be co-opted by any archonic influencer, because it can’t be replicated at that level.

Simple really.

Share freely with joy that bubbles from the central core, home at last.

Love unbound, fierce and free.