Disclosing Disclosure with Randy Maugans, Lily Earthling, Shane & Niels Kunze

Preamble:  Hi friends, I listened to our video last night and was struck by how deep is our need to express alternative points of view. What we are seeing is a distortion mechanism in full gear and its primary target is “Disclosure”. If the controllers can spin the narrative they will. The problem as I see it is multiple … real disclosure in our humble opinions is an inside job and it is about Freeing our imaginations to, well to BE FREE. The CC (Controlling Cabal) doesn’t really care that collectively we see craft and alien life forms as long as they can spin the story and feed us (cattle chute us) back into the system. 

I also listened to Corey Goode on Jimmy Church Radio last night, it was painful and other than a certain irateness at those two men, I was more incredulous that “people” are eating up such a contrived and poorly presented narrative, again bringing me back to my own questions… What did I see within Corey and why was Mr. Corey Goode chosen and  being propped up? I will  write something as soon as I have the bandwidth to sit for a couple of hours at the keyboard.


Real Disclosure is an Inside Job. The outside promise of disclosure has become a three ring circus, for anyone who has been listening and following the truth movement it should be obvious by now that many of the sources of disclosure have become talking heads contracted back to the same mechanism they were once outing.

Those of us on this panel acknowledge that we are all compromised in some manner or another so we do not speak as authorities, only as those who have worked through many of their own layers of programming, we acknowledge this is a continual and fluid process. Our voice is a collaborative one, we aren’t the next round of alt media gurus… we are free radicals doing our best to birth forth Truth in the organic timeline.

Any “institutional insider” will almost always have a distorted view of general reality. Having been immersed in a government operation or program, a religious order, cult or academia, a person can’t help but remain influenced by such, so Self Honesty must be the first order, if someone is hyping themselves by playing savior, the chosen messenger, reincarnation of some respected personage, a channeler, an ascension guru, a starseed, or hybrids come to save, basically any of the other current buzz words they are almost surely compromised, as in attached to a particular agenda, often they are not aware of it themselves.

The moment a person sells his or her story to a large media outlet, be it MSM or ALT Media, they are under contract, in other words they have sold their inner sights and are no longer free to explore and express or change as necessary.

It is time we start to really disclose this aspect of the buying and selling of souls. There is no better place for those who have awaken to a great extent to observe this other than the very media in which we are speaking.

Truth can not be had by being a spectator, it is an inside job, a being’s journey to Truth is the Great Work.

Discernment requires being discriminating, this is vital. Listening with full awareness. Language, language, language, this is where we must fine tune our discriminate listening abilities.

There are whistleblowers who risk their lives versus a programmed person who is dependent on others believing him or her. There are researchers and presenters who are creative, who give freely and independently, those whom empower the listener, who have made his or her own journey of descent, those who know Truth as inner Gnosis.

The Great Works of Hermetic Principle: The great writers and mystics of the past. Those who have made the descent and rise are an excellent place to start.

Truth simply can not be packaged and sold, this is one of the largest areas of thought and conditioning that needs to be tackled. We are so accustomed to paying for everything, so enslaved in a black magic money system, the arguments and distortions about money are so accepted that it feels virtually impossible to detach from it.

Programs are running in the background of a multi layered virtual reality. By means of fine tuning, nature tuning, night walking, grounding energy, silence, in practices and moments of illumination, become inner listeners, explorers of how you experience downloads … each individual takes on this subtle field or sometimes experiences lightening strikes of realization. Stay emotionally tuned but neutral, this is key.

We are those who are remembering we can transit all dimensions and times freely, this is a empowering thought.


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