On New Age Celebrities, Zen Gardner, the Internet, and Our Response Ability

We are swimming in a great sea of information and the backwash of disinformation, too much to navigate much of the time, not to mention dealing with our remaining attachment to out-dated beliefs and fear’s corresponding attachment to us.

  • Please read my edit and post script, as more information is emerging the reality we are seeing requires even more discernment and commitment to not back down. I am leaving my initial response intact as it demonstrates that the viewer is an integral part of any psy-op, conscious or subconscious. I was an admirer of ZG’s work and website, felt it had its finger on the pulse of the “truth movement”, my perceptions have changed now. 

We, that have been simultaneously letting go as we are aware of an emergent consciousness. know this passage well now, our relentless seeking of Truth has led us to the final confrontation of self with Self. Contemplating as I do while writing; I am not sure which is more frightening, the hold an ego rooted in a false identity has on so many or the response-abilities that come with embracing our true Essence, the infinitesimal you that is invisible to this world and all powerful in its expression.

Words to ponder, I do again and again. For while my mind deeply penetrates the space of the shifting time lines there is a point, a Being at center that is always present, always still, always knowing.

It seems that just when we feel or think that we have a piece of the puzzle in place, we take a quick look at the picture and the whole board shifts, the pieces scatter and it seems we are back at square one. Having done our own Work, inside we know that isn’t the case, something has stayed with us, a piece of knowledge or a new found path in the quest.

At our deepest and most high level of consciousness we are expanding, like the Cosmic Tree, the planetary body we are an integral part of, our roots grow deeper and our branches reach the furthest heaven. This ancient Symbol of Truth reflects our own body, a body of Knowledge.

Collaboratively and individually we have developed finer antenna, we are reading the subtle fields, this takes a sense of peace, an inner calm and the ability to wait, to observe before reacting.

Here we come to view the larger field we are all playing on, it is a web, a net, an interconnecting means of communication, it has taught us as well as attempting to trap us; originally it was set up to collect meta-data, set up to snare us in endless cycles of news feeds, celebrities, the talking heads of mass media keep our attention riveted to the next story, the next new-age fandangle.

It has worked so far. It has worked so well that we the viewer have realized that we alone are responsible for the information we ingest, the reactions we have and what we do with them.

I watch still, watch myself and watch the players on the field, watch the reactions. So when a prominent figure is felled, is outed and hung out to dry, or actually dies or is killed, this sends ripples through the whole. This happen lately, it happens in multiple manners and will of necessity continue to occur.

The effects reverberate through our coherency. We grab the microphone, we discuss someone else’s life on the forums, we call our friends, we post on Facebook and like wild fire the speculations take off, the stories are created, the authorities speak, and the moral compass we rarely apply to ourselves is brought out and used to measure someone we don’t know.

I recognize that no one can know me, not ever really, only I can know me, all else is a distortion and I am responsible for clearing my own distortions. This is the finite point I have come to and from that point of view is my expansion. But I digress.

I have my own measures on how I view “the story” of Zen Gardner. They are unique to me, dependent on my own state of consciousness, dependent on my unique set of experiences and importantly emanate from the State of my own Being, this is my response ability.

Because of my intimate relationship with several people who we consider celebrities in the “furthest from the truth movement” I have felt the need to express, to look for and point out patterns of behavior that belay an underlying lie, to note the tones I feel are the ones that are lasting and constructive and to call out the ones that play on human pathos to keep people subjected to endless streams of useless information. These have been my choices and I stand by them.

This has nothing to do with morality or being better than anyone. It has no desire to prosecute or punish. Without a doubt we are our own jailers and judges, well that is, those who have been naked enough to feel the pain of their own mistakes, those who have been strong enough to stand before the light of their own judgment, those who know themselves well enough to not cast stones or when they do to know that they will feel the repercussions.

This is how I view Zen Gardner; I have read his work, what he consistently published on his website has had a resonance, surprising at times how closely aligned I have felt. I do not see him as a guru or master, I see him as a fallible human being. In my own honesty I can not judge him, I do not walk in his shoes nor sleep in his bed, I only see the shadow of the man, and so I look for the inner light, that core of a soul, that place I know myself in and therefore can know another.

These are charged times, these are the days of thunder, lest we find and maintain the peace within we shall be swept away with the furious tide that is approaching our shore.


*  Edit – after publishing my writing I found Bernhard Guenther’s extraordinary article, a must read to fully grasp the depth this truly has.

I have long respected Bernhard’s integrity and his work. Please explore this further, now is not the time to sweep messes under the rug.

An Open Letter to Don Ferguson A.K.A. Zen Gardner

** Post Script Edit – another powerful writing from Randy Maugans of OffPlanet Radio. Surely they are monitoring our response as a community of collaborative independent voices and just as surely we will not back down nor be fooled any longer. 

Digging In The Dirt: Zen Gardner, Occult Abuse, and the Art of Deflection






4 thoughts on “On New Age Celebrities, Zen Gardner, the Internet, and Our Response Ability

  • August 21, 2016 at 9:12 pm

    “This has nothing to do with morality or being better than anyone. It has no desire to prosecute or punish. Without a doubt we are our own jailers and judges, well that is, those who have been naked enough to feel the pain of their own mistakes, those who have been strong enough to stand before the light of their own judgment, those who know themselves well enough to not cast stones or when they do to know that they will feel the repercussions.”

    Respectfully, I see one exception to your paragraph above. For those who have lost the capacity to feel the pain of their own mistakes, we must do that job for them by exposing them.

    This is because they are incapable of change and outside the realm of forgiveness. Due to this, they corrupt everything they touch in their never-ending quest for power and control over others.

    Like it or not, we must carry our own weaknesses into battle. Otherwise, the enemy will use our goodness (remorse for doing wrong) against us.

    Engage the enemy with the strength you have and you will become stronger. Turn away and you will be diminished and more susceptible to their dark influences the next time.

    This is how evil wins.


  • August 22, 2016 at 12:38 am

    freefall, I agree with your comments above. My inner strength indeed comes from confronting the dark forces wherever I find them, in my self or in others’ slumbering state of compliance. The reason I posted Bernhard Guenthers excellent article is because he is someone who was close to a man who called himself Zen and able enough to express the path I feel we need to walk. It is a narrow one.

  • August 22, 2016 at 2:35 pm

    Personally, I can’t shake the feeling that he (Zen) is an asset, is probably totally unconscious of this, and that this unveiling was planned long long ago knowing he would react to his involvement by doing exactly what he has done; write soap box pieces truly intended to shake people up, get them thinking, and influence those who are drawn to this type of message and information. That so many would become “followers” of a sort, they harvest the energy directed his way, prop him up, and then when the timing is right, he gets pressure to reveal, either through fear and/or outside pressure, maybe even a little conscience. And, wallah, you have a whole group of people who are supposed to be moving forward as a whole, as way showers of a sort, all fighting amongst each other and totally disillusioned.

    While everyone is focused on the individual in this story, because the whole pedophilia thing gets us all stirred up; we all know this is still going on at the highest echelons of society, unabated, and we may miss what is in plain sight. It is no wonder that our anger about this situation is a challenge to contain. But it still doesn’t touch those who are still busy perpetrating these crimes.

    I know that, regardless of whether I have been totally honest about my past, it still doesn’t get me off the hook for all the energy I carry from all that I have ever been and done. They still will try to use that guilt I feel from things I can’t even remember, to manipulate me into self sabotage. It is up to me to recognize the pattern and take action accordingly.

  • August 22, 2016 at 2:54 pm

    Deep contemplation on “programs” this morning, seeing how they are running the “show” here on planet Earth. Conscious or unconscious makes no difference to outcome. This isn’t about forgiving, forgetting, or any soppy emotional response, this is about Be-ing willing to stand naked, transparent, and bare.

    When questioning an others’ programs, in the same breath on must question their own and relentlessly keep the pressure up in doing so. I stood on the edge of my limits again this morning and the voice answered softly and yet emphatically, “NOW, stay there”.

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