Riding the Wave – Loving Ourselves into Life & Rebirth.

Many of us are feeling the Wave in a multitude of ways bringing heightened revelations one moment and extreme emotional lows the next. We are not going crazy; the Wave is promoting a Rebirth deep within us, an inertia of greater conscious awareness addressing how we perceive ourselves and our reality so we can see what ‘IS’ beyond our hidden denials.

The Wave works on all frequency levels affecting our physical, emotional and mental bodies, encouraging us to realign and restore balance within ourselves on a deeper soul level to re-remember our fuller Soul knowingness of our Eternal Self that’s simply having a temporary experience of wearing a Human body right now.

The Physical body, emotional body, mental body and our Soul all have different states of awareness of how they each perceive reality – we are working on bringing harmony, balance and union within these bodies while incarnated in this physical body.

This Wave is part of us, instigated by our greater Selves, which is flowing through this branch of this UniVerse, creating a spiritual quickening to really see ourselves and our reality for what it ‘IS’; a loving act of spiritual spring cleaning where ‘old’ paradigms, belief systems, false bliss, denials, fictitious stories etc that do not serve us are being laid bare for us to address the prison bars we allowed, and to learn and gain the wisdom of such in order to move on wiser for the experience.

During this process many lower mind personality emotions kick off such as despair, frustration, anger, disappointment, depression, lethargy, body aches, etc where our personalities are switching from one mind state to the next bringing in a mixture to our day such as soulfull profound realisations about ourselves that elevates us.. to then swinging into a sinking lower mind of confusion and self irritation.

While we ride this Wave, it is so important to maintain our deeper neutral Soul Observer, consciously observing these different flows within ourselves and remembering this is a natural alchemical process as we Rebirth ourselves anew.

In these Times, the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves are patience, support and space to love ourselves into life as we go through the process of acceptance and sincere forgiveness. Each one of us is feeling this fiery heat as we turn nickel into gold. The personality never likes Change, yet we each ‘Know’ within ourselves that we are so much more than just this temporary personality we wear – and that we each chose to be a part of this story.

I will share something that is helping me to maintain balanced conscious awareness while I ride this internal wave of mood swings throughout my day and may inspire you in other ways to help your own self during this process.

With a large piece of blank paper, I drew a vertical line right down the centre. On one side I write down brief bullet points of my lower mind thoughts as they well up and pass through. On the other side I write down bullet points of my heightened realisations as they pass through. This allows me to see the bigger overview of my day or week so that when I sink into lower mind that feels all is lost and pointless, I can remind myself of this internal alchemical quickening and the progress I am walking through that brings so many gifts. This stops me from berating myself and sinking lower because in pure reason, what is the point of beating myself up for having an experience that I am learning and gaining wisdom from?

Beyond this physical reality we are all beautiful radiant Eternal BEings of Love, who chose to explore a journey of self discovery as to ‘why we love’… that has arrived to this Present Time where we are riding the Wave.

Be kind to yourself, be kind to others and together in the Future we will look back on this epic adventure and say “wow!”