Mystics, the Gnostics and Self Mastery

Hello friends and companions on this collaborative journey. While many have been shifting through the fall out, the debris of a failing system there are voices that have long spoken with great wisdom, what we, as a larger body of humanity, are awakening to has long been known by Mystics, the Gnostics and those that have become Masters of Self.  I want to present some videos here that help one keep their inner compass intact.

Balancing between extremes is a mandate in times like these. Alan Watts, Manly P. Hall, and  Neill Kramer are worthy listens.

Then get off the internet, go out to garden, sit or walk in contemplative silence every day for as long as you can, this is also becoming an imperative with the recent disclosures of further manipulations and human puppets having their strings pulled, the dark web is deeply woven so disconnecting is going to be a necessary passage.

With love unbound,