An Open Letter | Christine addresses the current kerfuffle

When I write something I am writing for friends, to those who can hear and penetrate the energetics behind a situation, a moment in time, and then face the underlying cause of a conundrum.

As a larger body we are facing just such moments and situations which bring forth from us the necessity to face these revealings, this can cause confusion which is often accompanied by anger. It turns out our heroes are tarnished, rusting even, no longer relevant to the swiftly changing dynamics on planet Earth, our Earth body and our place in the greater Cosmos. Many will look for new heroes or heroines in which to place their faith. Apparently for the many it still comes down to faith, who or what to believe?

There are those who market themselves as researchers, spiritual way-showers, insiders with contacts no one else has, SSP delegates, white-hats, ambassadors of abundance, as healers, you name it the list is long. The truth movement has created a new industry. In this group there are ethical whole beings and there are the walking wounded who when examined closely collapse under the scrutiny.

When we talk about any individual that we don’t know personally we are handicapped by the layers of image management that person has projected into his or her public persona. To see beneath this layering requires that a human being has done his or her own inner journey and to the degree that they have integrated or shared a set of experiential data, it is to the corresponding degree in which they can see what lies beneath.

I am well aware of the intent to purposely distort my person, to discredit anything I might publicly state about a man I was married to, heck I still am under the criminal legal system. So let me be clear as I can be here. I have no axe to grind nor any motivation for revenge. When I locate myself in my center I can see the minuet details of a game that is playing out and I can see the larger dynamic that is the moveable sphere of our current hologram, I am a bit player, a tiny speck yet I am called from within to play my part.

It is obvious for those who have eyes to see that the shadows we hide from will of necessity be revealed, this is across all dynamics on all realities. When I say that, I mean it will effect every single cellular sentience in this creation to the degree it has proposed its own purpose. Let me say that in another more relevant manner. To the degree that a soul has taken on a role on the larger stage they will be called to walk their talk, so if they are hiding behind an image (false light creation) this will crack and eventually crumble. This is inevitable.

When we, the viewer, see this happening we will also observe that these folks will go out of their way to protect that image, after all they collect their means of survival (money and energy) from maintaining it. And the ego will fight to survive, those of little character will resort to lower and lower vibrations and manipulations to restore their former grandeur, albeit it never was that grand.

What I purpose is that we, the people have an opportunity here, for without our support, without our following and lapping up the left over offerings from some collapsing state of be-lie-fs we not only liberate ourselves, we liberate those who do not have the inner courage to face their own demons. It is like that.

So let me speak clearly now. I will talk about two people, they are different yet similar. One I know intimately, the other I listened to and read frequently. Both hold keys to locks, and ironically, we are the only ones that can open them.

BR is surrounded by those who handle him, he needs them for without his handlers he collapses. He needs his enemies too, this is where he gets most of his energy these days. He made me into an enemy, I am not and since I truly am not, he resorted to inventing things about me. Today I find this laughable but it goes further than just that, so listen up folks, this is important enough for me to find the time to write it down.

I want to first pose a few questions:

During the behind closed doors witch trials on PA the story that was fabricated about me from clipped and stolen sound bites, I ask, who actually wanted to know the truth? And further who had the strength to stand in Truth once they saw it? Answer; no one with a few outstanding exceptions and those beings are free in themselves, they don’t need me to name them because they Know.

To the followers of Zen Gardner, he says he didn’t want followers, take him at his word, he could use a good dose of ruthless love right now, ask him the harder questions, you do no service to Truth if you don’t. He has been given a pass by all of you. To Don Ferguson, you have a potential that your soul has positioned you in, a door is open to further shred this façade and fakery. Get down to your essence, to your primal self and get fucking mad, there is out rage there, it is being shown to you by the beauty of Bernhard Guenther and Randy Maugan’s public responses, don’t run Mr. Ferguson … don’t defend or deflect, in Truth comprehend what you have the Real before you now.

To the research community that promotes Corey Goode, who contacted me or asked about my experiences with Mr. Goode? Answer, no one. On whose orders did you pick up Corey and make him into a image to do your bidding? Oh, one exception was Alfred Lambremont Webre when he was fervently wanting to out Corey in such a manner I could not participate, and this was a full two years after Corey had become a household name in this communal experience. ALW has now returned to the Exo-politically correct fold and promotes whistleblowers with little discrimination. Mr. Webre has a business to protect.

Why has this moment presented itself? The answer is simple. The Truth, for most, has yet to sought with all the passion and deliberation a soul can contain. Why? That is because Truth is a stripping down process and it fucking hurts the ego’s demand for recognition. Truth in a nutshell will never be found outside, never, not in this Universe for sure.

I hear those clamoring for some scandalous tidbit, those who want a piece of another persons life, so they can chew it over and spit it out. I decline. I will set the record straight on a few points however.

I listened to both C.W. Chanter’s video “Bill Ryan, recent words discussed” where I am mentioned frequently. I also listened attentively to Angela Power-Disney’s interview with ZG yesterday. Honestly I have little personal interest in this however I felt some inner calling to do so, this writing is the result of what I heard.

Ok, C.W. you didn’t check data with me even though you have my email address (public) and know several of my friends. You are a big boy though and can take this criticism. So what you did was further stir the already purposely kept muddy water. And why the fuck, in your own vernacular, didn’t you contact me? A need to create scandal in you, perhaps?

Let me be clear on a few points, and I got your point about BR’s modus operandi, I saw it up close and personal so I know better than most how he purposely with full consciousness obfuscates the truth in favor of his image. He is no longer relevant to finding truth, to character development, what remains is the shell of the PA forum that is in fact kept alive by those who pour their energy into it, not realizing that it will keep them snared in a seemingly open and free space. Nope. It is censored, scripted, and operated. Right Mr. Ryan? Where are all the excellent posts pointing out the illogical and vindictive nature of your criminally libelous activity when you decided to slander karelia and myself? Yes, you are out of ethics.

I have already made public my statements on this, anyone can find them.

C.W., you are providing a service, may I suggest you dig deeper, get more data before you make your videos so that you don’t fall into the same category that you rightfully point out in others, all those Projects never vetted their witnesses.

On Corey Goode, you brought up the timeline of how he gained his place in the farthest from the truth communities consciousness. Yes, I was the one that first interviewed him, I have been adamant and clear that it was NOT an interview and certainly NOT whistle blower testimony and yet not one researchers has asked me what happen, why is that so? Most people don’t even realize how he was made.

Corey did give BR permission to publish this interview, this is on Skype chats that occurred while I was on vacation in Mexico. I was not consulted and I posteriorly and strenuously objected to the sensationalist title BR gave that recording, it is NOT whistle blower testimony, it was a trauma abuse victims first verbalization of what he recalled.

Full stop.

I love Corey, it was my deep rooted connection to his soul that attracted me to get to know him and stand with him in his healing, that process was interrupted as he was triggered by BR to defend himself as any trauma victim will. And I watched BR being triggered too … it was like watching a train wreck in slow motion and no one wanted to hear what was happening, frankly only a small hand full of people could see, I am fortunate that I had friends watching or I would have gone crazy. Maybe I can get it together in the next few weeks to try and elucidate how this happens, perhaps now it is finally time. Bill, I love you too … it has been a great sorrow for me that you don’t know this.

Alfred, I would be remiss if I don’t mention you in the context of the current kerfuffle, you too have placed yourself within the cross hairs of Truth and she would sing the song of songs if you found your inner compass and quit the wild swings you are on.

As I said in one of my rants, I am not a healer, I am a lover. A lover knows Love.

Now returning to the point.

For each of the people I name there is a multitude of others, we are all riding this ride together. Each and every single one of us has a call to Truth right now. We are the enablers of a false reality by our complacency, our fears continue to make us prey to those who need our energy to continue. I realize that many, the most, won’t comprehend what I am stating here, but to those who have cleared the field before them, to those who have interlocked enough of the puzzle pieces of their own soul, it is those of you to whom I speak.

Now is not the time for cowardice, now is not the time to turn the other cheek, now is not the time to be silent when you see injustice and operatives among a community committed to Truth. Truth is knowable and livable, anything else is just more of the same, looping patterns of programmed behavior that keep us locked in the mire of stupidity.

I am writing from my unique perspective, I am naming people whose names are known, they live public lives and have committed public acts. You may not see what I see, you may interpret through your own filters but there are some things that are facts. Not the squirreled away facts that BR likes to spout, the ones that he says he has but won’t show publicly… he depends on you, the public to keep his lies alive.

Friends, go looking for yourself. You need not be influenced by my words, be moved though, be moved from fear, from complacent compliance with authority. Be moved to look for yourself, be moved to clear your own inner garden enough to step outside the bubbles you live in and recreate over and over and over …

With love unbound, fierce and free.