Self Betrayal, Self Responsibility & Savior Paradigm Delusions

I would like to share some thoughts that are prompted by what I have been observing in the alternative media. What I write btw is how I address my own self betrayal, delusions and self responsibility and the inward journey of sorting out the wheat from the chaff. May it inspire the reader and assist in your own unique ways of refining your own self discernment and reclaiming your own self empowerment, sovereignty and Soulful passage to Freedom.

It is no secret that the origin of the internet came from the military, and then became a spy tool when offered to the public. YET something beautiful occurred as it also created a medium for like minded people to gather joining pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that helped each one of us to understand the bigger picture presently unfolding on Earth and inspiring a mass awakening. This is the positive side of the Truth movement.

Unfortunately there has also been a counter-wave anti-truth movement of BS involving some Psy-Ops….. then added to this quagmire a whole bunch of unsavory human behavior including sociopaths, charlatans, con artists, hustlers and too many wannabes who’ve added their voices into the alternative media selling their lies and delusions filled with fake promises for Humanities liberation (Savior paradigms). These basically play on the hopes of the ignorant and just dis-empower people even more.
Here is a very useful link explaining the modus operandi of a sociopath con artist. … pot-a-con/

How do we stop being conned and duped into savior paradigms and reclaim our power back? A con artist plays on people’s egos and weakness – if we address our own altered ego and resolve our own weaknesses through self empowerment and knowledge then a con simply won’t work as there is nothing to attach it to – like attracts like.

This begins with “Self responsibility and Self accountability”, a sincere silent inward action whereby we first stop deluding ourselves. It is an inward action of daily self checking ourselves and seeing with truthful eyes how we allow our altered egos to run amuck in self delusions creating a weakness that then accepts fantastical stories preached by others where the delusions lead the delusional. Avoid accepting any stories that flatters the altered ego and convinces us we’re the ‘One’ or the hero for Humanity. Avoid accepting any type of dangling carrots offering anything outside of ‘ourselves’ to save our self from our own mistakes. We learn by our mistakes this is what Self empowers us towards our own self liberation.

Humanity lives on a beautiful Upbringing Planet that encourages a species to soulfully mature. With each step we each individually learn how to rise above our own selfish animalistic behaviors. And then there comes a collective point as a species learns to love and respect life, they naturally unite together and consciously overcome whatever tyrannical oppressors they mistakenly gave their divine power away to; only then is a species mature enough to move on and explore this wondrous Universe.

A victim mentality is a follower of others constantly looking outside of themselves for solutions; this also includes gazing up towards the Stars hoping others will somehow save them from their own self made mistakes. The REAL enlightened wise benevolent Races are not in the business of saving other species from their own self made mistakes, as they wisely know such actions go against Natural Law. They also understand the wisdom gained of this natural passage a species undertakes living on an upbringing planet to ‘self-evolve themselves in their own natural timings’ – a Soul passage all Species journey through to reach their own advancing evolution and self enlightenment.

If we as a species truly want to evolve we have to stop looking for help from the stars… Humanity already did that and we ended up with the Draco system that most certainly didn’t serve or benefit us. Let’s not repeat the same mistake again – it’s Time for Humanity to stop giving their power away and Time to save ourselves and gain the maturity and wisdom of our own self liberation that in turn allows us to rejoin and reengage with our Brethren from the Stars.

Each of us are divine eternal co-creators having an experiential journey to re-remember how we each are our own inner light, truth, hero and savior. Self Mastery is learning to tame and mature our animalistic altered ego’s delusions, encouraging the passage of our own Soulful self discovery of self liberation, self empowerment, self responsibility, self accountability and self sovereignty. It is not something that can be handed out by another; it is something we give to ourselves.

Humanity doesn’t need any outside saviors or off world councils to save us from ourselves. Any ET’s offering such tokens in my mind are not benevolent, nor enlightened, nor doing this for our best interests because such an act violates Natural Laws and interrupts a species natural evolution. Humanity needs to re-remember and re-discover that they are their own true saviors. While we continue to argue for our propensities and look outside of ourselves for the answers and solutions we’re missing the point and setting ourselves up for more enslavement.

This is Humanity’s Time to grow up and throw off the shackles of victimhood and re-engage with their own natural spiritual divineness. It is about having faith and trust in ourselves, and call back all that energy we gave away to others thinking they had the answers and solutions, when the solutions we sought were always within ourselves. We have the divine within us – isn’t it time we started to use it?