Truth is Congruent and Coherent | A soul’s sojourn no[w-here]

I am not alone in navigating these waters, the tumultuous waves of change that are washing over and through us as we move into states of Being, familiar yet long forgotten.

The foundation, the basis necessary to embrace Truth is an energy we call love. Love is the glue of creation, without it we would not be able to hold each other, commune with trees, envision our journey through the cosmos, without love we are a shallow container ready to absorb whatever finds us a fitting encasement.

The sojourn of the soul has been a long one, excruciating as well as exhilarating. There are always questions posing in the consciousness, these questions lead to answers and up until recently the answers have been partial, fulfilling one part while with arrogant acrimony dismissing others. In a deep pool of reflection we can all admit to our selves how this operates. Seldom do we bend to peer into this water.

One of the least understood and disclosed slogans of the falsely named new age is that ‘we are one’. The times I have heard this blithely repeated by parroting the words is nauseating. We have taken a fundamental, an axiom of truth and turned it into a meaningless phrase with little to zero comprehension. Namaste is a concept that goes very deep… so lets peer in, shall we?

Etymology is important whether we are speaking in our native language or having adopted a foreign one. Language at its root is conceptual, as with the first sound. It is only the bastardization of language that has turned it from source coding to a tool to enslave our minds. When we speak without wisdom or gnosis we demean ourselves and our other.

“Namaste (Namas + te, Devanagari: नमस् + ते = नमस्त) is derived from Sanskrit and is a combination of the word nama and the second person dative pronoun in its enclitic form te. The word nama takes the Sandhi form namas before the sound.

Nama means ‘bow’, ‘obeisance’, ‘reverential salutation’ or ‘adoration’ and te means ‘to you’ (singular dative case of ‘tvam’). Therefore, Namaste literally means “bowing to you”.

A less common variant is used in the case of three or more people being addressed namely Namo va which is a combination of nama and the enclitic second person plural pronoun va. The word nama takes the Sandhi form namo before the sound.

An even less common variant is used in the case of two people being addressed, namely, Namo vām, which is a combination of nama and the enclitic 2nd person dual pronoun vām.”

The indwelling of the silence within is where we bow and acquiesce to, not to an entity we have named god, but the opening within. And when we use Namaste we are in silence bowing to that place in another. “I bow to you” evokes humility, a quality that is sadly lacking and misunderstood in our ego’s aggrandizement.

I bow to the place in you where the entire universe dwells.

I bow the place in you that is love, truth, light, and peace.

When you are in this place in you and I am in this place in me,

We are one.

How many actually feel this when using the word Namaste? Very few I would imagine. It is a term of adoration, seldom do we find that we adore the other facing us. One must remove layers of deception and disavow themselves from the systematic compartmentalization in order to say Namaste in Truth.

Reaching within for communion and then the silence of a greeting is heard across time and space.

You see that in the phrase ‘We – Are – One’  the first word is We, which is the separation, the individuation that so many choose to ignore. Are is a moving verb, it takes one from we to one and back again, for I don’t dissolve into you, I simply acknowledge in you what I find in me and in that place we are One. When this gap closes something magical can begin to occur… and we find ourselves in a new field of creation where the pieces all fit, where Truth once again is congruent and coherent.

This is what I am finding out; for Truth to Be true it must be congruent across all disciplines and mythologies, it must be congruent within the science of spirituality, it must be true for all or it is true for none, it must be true above, as well as below.

Truth projects from this silent core outward and not from the outside inward for the outside world is but a reflection of what is manifesting within us.

This brings me to the subject we have been disclosing now for some time, the indwelling of darkness and the projection outwardly from our subconscious self, the place where the archonic infection has taken hold of humanity. It hides within us and what we are facing is the consequences of not only allowing its presence but obeying its demands. Truth is the sword that will cut it out, it is the only one for all the love and light you can manifest will not do the job, it is so insidiously embedded that it will falsify your light, it will distort your words and intentions, it will create enemies … How do you know if you are in the shadowy world doing its work? Fear, envy, jealousy, covetousness, greed, possessiveness, right versus wrong thinking, aggrandizing or diminishing your self with is the container for the SELF.

Here is the test, the line, the inner question to ask … With all my ideological imaginings, with all my carefully crafted words, how close am I to Being that which I paint myself as? Can I accept and love my Self first? Do I Know that little self is a fractal of the Silent Self within?

Too many victims and too many saviors still in this so called truth movement, sounds more like a cacophony to my inner ears.

If a person lacks coherency and congruence in their personal lives they are still confronting the inner demons, the infection of the soul.

Recently we have been in a loose collaboration of individuals spread across the globe, we have been conversing and sharing our findings to those who benefit in listening, a process of deeper awakening and emergence. Last week we discovered a congruent truth in our biology. Led by Jeffrey Sewell’s work in Metabiology a whole new view is coming into focus.

Earth Empaths was founded on this truth, that our integrated self must include this physical body. For eons of time we have discarded this vessel with all the trauma and blame heaped upon it, our time now permits us to not only claim this ship but clear the fields around us. While it appears to be a colossal undertaking we really is accompanied by the immensity of Spirit that knows no bounds or limitations.

Myself, well I have been knowing for years that until we embrace the body as the Rosetta Stone (thanks for that Jeffrey!) of human creation we will be forever seeking outward. We have been fooled into believing our body is the prison, made to feel that way, this is so because we haven’t married Knowledge to Wisdom, for as Marion Woodman is quoted as saying:


What that single sentence tells us is that the Spirit is within this Body, and indeed the spirit of the being can feel despair. Having despaired of every finding its liberation it was in turn fooled into seeing the body as its enemy. Even within the most spiritual of beings lies this conundrum.

Eternal gratitude to those who Know, to those whose seeking of Truth is their internal compass, to those who are courageous enough to confront their shadows… you all know who you are.