Walter and Lao Russell – The Cosmology of Light | Matt Presti & Robert Otey on OffPlanet Radio

This is our public thank you to Randy Maugans of OffPlanet Radio who was a recent co-host during our panel discussion with Jeffrey Sewell. That conversation and subsequent ones with Jeffrey have been the propulsion toward an ever deepening gnosis. As they say when a soul is ready a teacher appears or in my own vernacular I am in communion with the Universe and she responds to me, finding the works of Walter Russell is just such a response.

Randy does a exemplar job in this 2013 interview in bringing out the basics of Russellian science.

The silent unmovable omnipresent, omnipotent magnetic field that is the gravity of the Creator is where all form is made manifest. His model of creation is electric, profoundly simple yet amazingly complex.

“…The world needed to suffer in order to understand the simplest of universal principles, the unity of man with man and with God. The world of men had to reap the harvest of its seeds of hate, selfishness and greed it had been sowing for centuries. It had to reap this harvest in order to learn that universal law is inevitable and inescapable.”
Walter Russell, The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe

I am including some of the drawings from the Walter Russell’s work, they clearly illuminate the inner fields of our human bio-dynamic body and our existence in the Cosmos.

Walter Russell Collection

The University of Science and Philosophy







The Over-Unity Device. “On September 10, 1961, Walter and (his wife) Lao Russell reported to their contacts at NORAD, that the coils had worked and that the President of the United States could announce to the world that a “greater, safer power than atomic energy” could be provided for industry and transportation. The Russell’s were convinced that they had found and demonstrated a new source of energy and a conversion process for what is now known as the zero point energy.”