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claudia and christine recorded one video last week, taking another look at Adolph Hitler, WWII and the aftermath of this war. The deeper we delve into this subject with the growing and ample body of real documentation the more confident we are that our inner instincts have led us down one of humanities darkest psyche tunnels. And that is the real nature of war and how an entity of greed has co-opted the human heart.

The term willful ignorance is one you will hear us using more frequently, for this strips us down bare and forces a people to look at what they prefer not to, war is killing and war is the final solution of the DEATH CULT that rules the peoples of this Earth. One needs only to invert the current model of history, look with inner eyes focused on excavating truth and it is obvious but to the most blinded prejudices that killing to prevent killing is insanity. Our views go beyond ideologies, religions and the comfort of ignorance, we do not follow the path of civility nor politically corrected speech patterns while we hold kindness in our actions, there are subjects, as in subjugated human beliefs,  that need to be ripped to shreds, unraveled, reviewed so that we can make an honest assessment of who we are, where we have been and where we are going.

Previous Recording: YouTube deleted this and it is now on Bitchute. video.

In a continuing desire to share our views, research and feelings on the Forbidden Subject of Adolph Hitler and the real holocaust of World Wars I and II we decided to make this impromptu video.

It should be apparent to those who have spent years listening to the experts on any subject of the conspiracy vein or otherwise that there are multiple well founded conclusions presented, all seem true and yet slightly askew when you put them side by side.

Our sincerest message is for our listeners to do their own research and not allow either indoctrinated prejudice or apathy deter from your own pursuit of truth.

“Sorrow is knowledge;
they who know the most,
must mourn the deepest
o’er the fatal truth,
the Tree of Knowledge
is not that of Life.”
— Friedrich Nietzsche

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Gerard Menuhin’s book, Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil, can be downloaded here:… or purchased on Amazon for Kindle or on paper.

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Esther 9:12-14

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