EE Raw: Are We Living in a Simulation? An impromptu conversation with claudia and christine

Christine and claudia of Earth Empaths return after nearly a year hiatus to record an impromptu conversation, discussing the posed question: “Are we are living in a simulation?” This question is one being addressed by mainstream physicists, cutting edge scientists as well as mystics, soul sojourners and people from all walks of life.

As many people are becoming increasingly aware, there is an invasion into the human mind. Ruling governments around the world are using technologies consisting of AI (artificial intelligence, quantum computers, robotics, etc.), along with high tech electronics including microwave frequencies and scalar wave technology (HAARP) to create a reality that appears normal and real, though it is far from what we would call a natural world.

These technologies along with ongoing wars and the constant threat of wars are keeping people in fear if not actual terror. So while the question: “Are we living in a simulation?” is necessary to ask as we start to separate the real from the false, the more vital question becomes: “What can human beings, that is conscientious living beings, do about it and how?”

Both of us have researched this subject for many years in all its complexities; what we attempt in our talk is to bring this complex subject into the folds of simple truths.

Thank you for listening … Christine & claudia

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