Currents within the ‘State of Affairs’

Sitting over lunch yesterday speaking with an longtime friend I found myself once again with the spotlight of truth illuminating the moment as she had posed a question. To speak of what I know and how to do so without alienating someone who might not be prepared to hear what I have to share.

A silent moment passed … then the gush of years of accumulated research and knowledge comes pouring out.

My comment that the fires in California didn’t seem natural provoked her to ask what I meant. As I spoke of geo-engineering, chemtrails, HARRP, EMFs, Microwave towers, weather wars, 5-G WiFi, and Agenda Twenty One I watched bewilderment and near disbelief cross her face. In speaking I also listened to my own voice as hundreds of essays, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, government documents and my own observations swirled through me. As a veritable geyser of information erupted the questions I can’t fully answer played in the mix. How to transcribe what this information reveals to someone who had never heard of any of these terms? How to fan a spark of desire to know more, how to inspire someone to take one more step toward waking from the induced dream?

While I can quote facts with some acumen there comes with this a deeper spiritual question as to the very nature of reality. This is the most difficult to transmit and why it is vital to become awake.

Questioned more about this I could only answer that if one is not aware of the deeper and complex layers of reality how can one make truly informed choices? As a society we can only choose from a set of perimeters according to our level of indoctrination and/or awareness. As I waded my way through words I knew that there isn’t a separation of the world of Spirit and the falsely created world however it becomes difficult for I am speaking to a friend who has dedicated her life to spiritual discoveries, my friend represents a greater friend to whom I am speaking now.

For many years now I have contemplated, experienced and spoken of the great deceptions and the impact this has on real people’s lives. There came a point this year that I experienced a growing weariness, for speaking to those who already know felt like an exercise in circular futility… We all knowingly nod to each other as story after story rolls across our computer screens, we look up at our skies and see the manipulations, our penetrating gaze sees the screen our sky has become. We sense in our marrow the onward march of the insane creation of the manipulators, a world in which we find ourselves and the destruction being reigned down from the chemical clouded sky. These are the more subtle manifestations that are necessary to penetrate if we as Humans are to find everlasting freedom, it is too easy to be pulled into the all too real fake news of bombs falling and the political posturing of cartoon characters. Too easy to fall for this as real … too easy to remain asleep and maintain our personal bubbles of safety. If we’ve been so fortunate to have accumulated enough wealth it is easier still to remain ignorant for who truly wants to penetrate the multilayered truth of how easily we are being played?


From a newly forming perspective within our collective consciousness is a the coming tide, it is the separation of worlds.

“Then Jesus presented yet another parable to them saying, The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field.  But while he was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed darnel among the wheat, and went his way.  Now when the seed grew and began to form grain, the darnel was found.  And the man’s servants came to him and asked, Sir, didn’t you sow only good seed in your field?  How, then, does it have darnel growing in it? He replied to them, An enemy has done this.”

It is not to stand as judge of another for my friends do plant seeds of good. Any purpose to be garnered from sharing is to help others separate the chaff from the grain. When consciousness is the director it becomes increasingly necessary to match actions to the dictates of awareness. Every choice we make does affect the greater whole, every purchase we make, every lie we continue to uphold, every word we speak is forming a new foundation by tearing through the occluding overlays.

The truth once seen can not be unseen, with this comes beauty for once the veil has been sufficiently pierced we once again will be players in the Cosmic sea. And there is responsibility for the whole man and woman will protect the sacred child of wonder in all things.

It is the rush of the waters of committed Love that will ultimately clear the way. The question that remains is how many fires have to be lit for this to appear as our Reality?


Elana Freeland gives a good one hour interview with the Dark Journalist that dives into some of the deeper implications of the purpose behind the curtain of Geo-engineering and manipulated reality.