Communication & Diversity | Keys to restore our well being

Video conversation with Niels Kunze.

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The New Paradigm Papers: A New Introduction to Health

In this video Niels introduces us through his experiential research to the most fundamental nature of who we are at a cellular and molecular level. Each human body is a biosphere or biome to trillions of organisms including myriads of bacteria that work in synergy with our biological functions, in fact are vital to us being alive.

We discuss the biological communication pathways that are integral to our wholeness and wellness. As Earth beings we have been fractured and isolated, our commune with our natural world is cut off. By restoring our gut flora and fauna we are given tools to reestablish a much greater communion that leads to natural health.

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As above, so below.

As within, so without.

Universal Law: The law is one… and reciprocal…

…or, we’re all in this together.

One thought on “Communication & Diversity | Keys to restore our well being

  • December 4, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    While I was speaking with Niels my neurons were firing off in multifaceted directions. :) I edited out some of my wanderings preferring to let the thoughts settle and see what emerged. The big thing I continue to intuit is that “memory” is in everything. We “know” this yet often “forget” to experience it so when we do we call it magic. In a way it is magical for our mundane 3D life is so replete of these moments that when they arise we “know” the magic of them.

    I’d like to share a four-way conversation yesterday where we were talking about this subject. The synergy built as we spoke and it was so simultaneously obvious that communion and tapping into the Earth’s multidimensional memory is indeed something we’ve all experienced and with more prolonged contact becomes literally more real. In other words the ancient memories are us in connection with everything. How we can develop this is a very unique pathway.

    I have been a practitioner of Homeopathy since the 1980s and was fortunate enough to study with (for free) two classically trained homeopaths here in Mexico. When first introduced to chochitos (sugar pills with homeopathic remedy) I thought they were magic and was intrigued. As the years went by my knowledge grew along with experiencing what a marvelous modality this was, no side effects and at times obvious alleviation of symptoms almost immediately.

    I bring this up here because it fits with the memory of ancient microbes in the product Restore. Basically memory at an energetic level, same as homeopathy. Another thing I love about homeopathy is that it doesn’t force the body into a strangulated suppression of symptoms, it allows the body to resume a more natural course. If the wrong remedy is prescribed the body will ignore it. From what I understand about Restore is that it balances the gut by reintroducing the forgotten records of our ancient and more vital past. It is our body that is actually doing the healing work.

    I “know” the product Restore is a good one and am grateful for the work of Dr. Zach Bush. The problem that immediately arose for me was that it costs money and is not readily available in many countries which means that most will not have access to the curative effects. So lets play this out a little further; for those of us with adequate intelligence and an inquisitive nature along with some means to sustain ourselves in the current paradigm will perhaps try this product. For most others that would be in the realm of impossible.

    So back to our conversation of yesterday. What we rediscovered (for the millionth time!) is that we are created to tap into the ancient field of us. That along with the growing body of real science that reinforces this in our consciousness will ultimately lead us back to the forgotten wholeness.

    There are indeed moments when we need a kick start and to those who are in a degenerative process that is often the only viable means so I don’t rule out using real medicine or technology that promotes health. The truth is that everything we require is already here and always has been, when we know this fully we will change a whole paradigm.

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