The Eye of the Storm | Between the Anvil and Hammer of Truth

We have arrived and this week is showing us every damn thing we need to know along with the opportunity to choose freedom from nefarious “authority”. Rather than write a long blog allow me to recap a few blows, and pose a question, where is your personal bottom line before you act according to consciousness? If we continue to support agencies, governments and corporations that peddle death we are complicit. How many are long overdue a reality check up?

Frankly I am tired and at times sick of how ignorant people choose to stay as long as their personal lives aren’t being affected. And well in the way of my frank honesty it doesn’t do a thing for me to know we are spiritual beings in a human body because my body is every body and that to me is truly Spiritual. While my strength is Spirit it is also that which moves me to speak, to sometimes shout and at other moments to remain silent. Today I shout because we all have to pay the price for ignorance and hypocrisy.

Brief recap:

150,000 Flee Los Angeles As Wildfires Rage – “We’ll Be Fighting This All Week”

Way too similar to the geo-engineered Santa Rosa fires. Agenda 21 anyone? Too many pedophiles exposed?

Traders at top bitcoin exchange claim they have no access to their money

Greed knows no boundaries. Anyone think virtual currency is safe?

Trump formally recognizes Jerusalem capital of Israel

Excuse me but when can the president of the incorporated entity of america declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel?

U.S. Lawmakers Seek to Criminally Outlaw Support for Boycott Campaign Against Israel

Is it is difficult to put the two above news dots together? If so it is time to dig deeper and find out what the government of Israel really is about.

2018 Olympics ban is another attempt at isolating Russia – foreign ministry

Exceedingly obvious politicking and propaganda don’t ya think? Blame it on Russia, it worked before.

No one likes bad news, most turn it off or go to the talking heads on mainstream channels in a way that confounds my awakened mind, that this numbs people because they believe those in-the-know actually know something and have it under control. There voices drone on making it news then quickly moving on to the next unsavory sound bite. Hey! What happen to the deadliest shooting in Las Vegas story? Too many holes in it I guess… Heck no, I know so. They couldn’t patch that one back together.

So while I am on a rant, 81 “suicided “holistic doctors, I changed the number in the title because there was a new death today. What are the odds? Probably incalculable but we the people stay silent and continue to visit the pill pushers death dealers doors.

Not in the mood today to be quiet so while I am at it, anyone care about, know about SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and pedophilia that is being revealed from the stench filled underground tombs of governors, queens and kings, Hollywood moguls and minions, cops, officials, etc. Seems every person who reaches the pinnacle of power is corrupted … Some of us know this all too well.  Isn’t that and shouldn’t the life of a child be our bottom line? Shouldn’t we heed the inner call of humanity and protect the innocent and sacred gift of life? I guess it might still be too inconvenient.

Then there is the good news, people are waking up and will continue to in wave upon wave because when it gets personal and you lose your home, your tax write offs or your long held belief in the system you’ve go nothing left to lose.

Withdraw consent in meaningful ways and while I may sound haughty or arrogant I do know what we are facing and what each one faces as the blinds are pulled back, it isn’t easy so know that you are not alone and Know that the Universe has something extraordinarily unimaginable to show us.

“Nature is the great alchemist par excellence.” ~ Terrance McKenna