What the F.U.C.K. | As the blinders come off humanity awakens

or not….

It’s early morning, very early. As I open my eyes and abide in that surreal place between waking and sleep images float to the surface before my mind’s gears kick in, there is no action simply observation. Slowly surfacing I wake up to realize that the world I am awaking too is more surreal than my dreams.

Swirling around in my conscious mind are images from yesterday’s news both the personal and collective lives play out in a seemingly lucid display. I stop this train to make a cup of coffee and have a smoke… My laptop glares at me from the kitchen counter inviting my curious self to take a look.

Resistance is useless, a curious mind needs to know. A good friend used to say that to me all the time.

This is what I ingest; a friend is struggling with a life and death situation and I am over 3,000 miles away, the Southern California “wildly fueled” fires are burning out of control and they are now bearing down on where some of my family lives, a good friend in LA is hands-on digging trenches to help contain the fire before it reaches their home. I weep seeing that over 25 horses are burned alive in stables.

Fox5 News San Diego – Lilac Fire

I sit staring at this short clip of mobile homes burning and wonder how the fire got there, no vegetation is burning, no smoke is visible in the background or foreground. My entrained mind is just as susceptible as anyone else, it’s just that I have spent years researching chemtrails [aluminum oxide nano particles], geoengineering, I’ve watched hundreds of hours of clips from 9/11 forward to know that we have been force fed a view of the world’s events that once deciphered allows one to see clearly. Still I rebel at the magnitude of what this indicates and at the magnitude of the deception.

Research is vital, find real sources. Example; I knew I had read about aluminum nano particles being combustible but a surface search on Google didn’t show that so I dug deeper. Here is a scientific paper I found in PDF format. https://www.pdf-archive.com/2017/12/08/fgv-2015-sundaram/

Every thing I share is an invitation to others to research and re-search.

Another friend has taken on outing the new age guru cults and is deeply enmeshed, I stand with her as I’ve been through that grindstone myself.

The politicos continue their fake facades and phony moves driving an asleep humanity to war, our naiveté in full bloom as many take their bait to hate or blame and perhaps worse, look away.

Another friend heals a broken heart and meanwhile back here on the home front my family prepares for Christmas … oh lord! if they only knew how despicable this consumerism ploy is. But how to I tell them as they want the magic and joy they are told this season holds. Buying your way to heaven. I am sorry and don’t want to sound too harsh because they believe and actually feel the fleeting moments of joy they foolishly cling to never realizing the beast they are feeding.

I open the FB feeds and see a trend that disturbs me, planted fake news stories are being shared as our feeling-compassionate self is desperate for some action in the face of Goliath so we don’t stop to investigate for the few minutes it takes as to the source of the news, its called click bait, so we pass on false stories and images created to keep us off course.

Without awareness we become pawns for the growing algorithmic monster called the internet and its beastly conglomerates Google and Facebook.

AI singularity is only possible in the absence of human awareness.

Or we may find ourselves with a totally absent humankind.

Human-AI merger: The pinnacle or demise of mankind? (DEBATE)

Looking for an image for this writing I came to this website and article, I include it here as an example of how our intelligence will bring the needed “data” to OUR awareness when we are open and inclusive to any form in which it arrives.

Merging big data and AI is the next step

Quote from article if the image doesn’t say it all:  “Google is also delving deeper into big data-powered AI learning.  Google’s own reproduction Intelligence Company DeepMind has developed an AI that can impart itself to run, climb and jump deprived of any prior guidance. He had never been taught what is going on or going on but he has been successful in learning himself through trial and error. The effect of these successes in the realm of artificial intelligence is amazing and can provide the foundation for further innovation in the future.”

I will end here with this:

Anyone remember the hole in the Ozone layer that protects the Earth from UV solar radiation? When did this story get buried? I am shaking my head that in all the hub and buzz this vital piece of the picture was erased. Thank you Mallorie for sharing this interview. Ray, the very gentle man speaking puts the above data points into a very human and humane context.

Aerospace Engineer, “Depletion of Ozone so Bad, Mass Extinction could be within 7 Years”

Aerospace Engineer iRay, does his own tests, using Independent Equipment. Is our Planet reaching a point of no return? About seven years left, say many researchers and scientists say, before the ozone is unrepairable. What do you think? Guest is Ray an Aerospace & Avionics Engineer of over 40 years, with work experience at NASA Ames/Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards AFB and a background in Meteorology.  https://iray2017.wixsite.com/sacredseeds

Now go plant some seeds or better still plant a tree.


Knowledge of the root of the problem is key to finding real solutions …