Creating from the REAL | a NEW paradigm is the WAY of the ancients

Much is being created as I write this for our conscious re-membering is in processional inner formation. Our good fortune can be made real.

My personal story is a fractal of y-our personal story and as we come to-get-her in real ways we are blooming free from the control mechanisms that were installed on planet Earth eons ago. Those who re-cognize this are the ones who share the greater whole of gnosis and the spiritual imperative to be lamp lights in the dark night of  humanity’s collective soul.

My personal good fortune is that I have experienced so much, known so many of you and be-cause of that am in a position to speak to each of us.

We are in the agents of destruction roll out of a plan that will not stop until they reach their own demise.

In a recent co-verse-ation with a friend we spoke of individual inner sight and also stood at the hard wall of reality as we know it here and now. There is nothing incorrect, negative, divisive or shortsighted to acknowledge what is.

Knowledge must be put into action or it falls into the land of forever fantasy.

“Love without power dissolves into an astral, weak fairy tale. Love without strength crumbles into an ungrounded, chaotic mess. Power without love becomes a game of control, fear, and tyranny. Discipline without joy becomes an intense, self-defeating, oppressive hell. These polarities of power and compassion, surrender and will, direct penetration and gentle opening, fire and water, can all merge into one seamless flow. Each quality is used at different times to create the most appropriate change. One reason why so few people have reached awakening is that they have taken one or the other path and not included both. Many beings are scared to shine their full light and power, too afraid to stand out.”      

~ Bernhard Guenther

As we move from the personal to the impersonal we realize that there are still many hoops of consciousness we must jump through. I see this in the most intelligent and good-hearted people. There is no judgment in me when I state this, it is a simple fact that is. We are a collective of conscious that is healing in this time of crisis. Healing from trauma-based mind control and the massive trauma of our ancient past, It is not for the weak of heart and mind, it is a Herculean task for the agents of doom have hood winked the many for the power of the few.

The Earth sphere and all her realms is our Mother and has provided us with a divine abundance that is limitless when we exercise our great fortune with love and care, when we truly protect the sacredness of life. The first Natural Law is “do no harm.” That little phrase has far reaching and deep implications for a soul that has awakened to cause. The mind quickly realizes that to do no harm isn’t that easy of a task for our unaware actions will often harm what we don’t innerstand, we can easily mistake an action of good citizenship for no harm, yet by peeling back the overlays of authority we see we’ve been duped. This is the first hurdle to get past. It causes cognitive dissonance within and that is the reason most people in positions to see it will turn away.

In the teachings of ancient sorcery it is well known that to have the fabric of personal-identity-reality torn asunder in a rapid manner will often leave a soul in a state of madness. Yet this is what the greater of body of humanity is confronting. Without the sanity of the wise we see a humanity going mad, slipping into deeper and more violent states of chaos.

For those who haven’t realized this was done purposely. And yet it is our opportunity to rise from the ashes of outdated belief systems. The future of life on Earth is not yet scripted.

“Many Native American prophecies say NOW is a pivotal time on Mother Earth. Some are ready to make the quantum leap to the next level of human evolution. It’s to those people that these dream-catchers speak, the new people described as the Osh-ki-bi-mah-di-zig led by spirit warriors, the Ogichidaag’. By the light of the Seventh Fire come those who will use their power and strength with gentleness and wisdom to walk in balance, to follow the path of spirit.”

~ White Eagle Soaring ~

As indigenous people to Earth we were born with a divine inheritance, one that has been stolen by others, squandered by consumerist misuse and bartered away for the sake of personal, indoctrinated and false, convenience. Until the power of the collective consciousness breaks the bonds those who are called must build a bridge and bring the metaphorical bridge into reality. No crypto currency, no government, no religion, no new world order will do for us what must arise from our innate power.

I am not sure if the conscious is collectively powerful enough yet to complete this cycle.

I cannot content myself with philosophical pondering without action from my natural born self. How we express is in direct correlation with our state of being and the expansion of our awareness. In the coming year we will have many opportunities to give in small circles to ever expanding spheres of resonance. I have discovered that my answers come when I share with others.

I am fortunate for I walked the sacred path at Standing Rock and experienced an implosion of heart and the fearless nature of wild freedom that rocked the world. I also watched as we saw just how the manipulative and devious the black snake is.

Wisdom is growing now, a seed planted and watered from the very stream of cosmic life.