The week in progress | The farce marches on…

When one stands as an outsider to the system and has done so most of their life it can be a difficult choice to not follow the maddening crowd. Times of isolation, frustration and despair are often confronted. One will question their personal choices for not getting a degree, not finding a shingle to hang over their door with letters after their name giving them validity in the eyes of others. Without a diploma or certificate you are called to make your own way in the world. It is this something inside that simply will not allow conformity and often a price is paid, but that price also has a reward and it is freedom.

Albeit a freedom which is relative to the system of monetary, passport, registrar and permission controls. Never the less it is a freedom of choice, a freedom to explore the vast reaches of hidden potentials, a freedom to take off the shackles of politically corrected group think and even civility. It is a freedom that longs for the wild, the untamed nature of what remains in our world. If physical boundaries present freedom is the relentless pursuit of truth birthed from deception that gives rise to an internal quest.

Watching the market collapse has underlined for me the rightness of personal choices along this road we call life. I have disturbed a great many folks, some who have gone so far as to rage at me for not accepting the status quo. It is times like these that I can honor my unique choices and breathe a bit of relief that what has been long prophesied is coming to pass. I don’t claim a particular victory, simply see that all choices are but a preparation for the next foot fall on the unknown trail.

So this week we are seeing the collapsing of the buttressed by deceit monetary system. Will the authority be able to reinstate any confidence in the current fiat money system or have they already sequestered their loot on foreign shores and in impenetrable vaults? This is a big question that most people tied to stocks and bonds will have to confront. What will you choose when your mutual funds, investments in fictitious market schemes continues to collapse. Have you prepared yourself in spirit to find your value outside the money in your bank account? What will you do if you can’t make a cash withdrawal from an ATM? These questions are ones that it would be advised you prepare for.

I’ve always looked at economics as a belief system while others have tried to make it a science. Undoubtedly in a natural world, values of exchange are mutable depending on production, distribution and agreement. But we live far, far away from a natural world and certainly no more vile a system has ever been installed than the present money as war mentality. A plague that so few are ready or willing to confront. Well folks, that ignorance may not be possible for much longer.

A brief scan of yesterday and this morning, a read of a few astute writers commentaries and the faker than fake cartoon posturing of “world leaders” is enough to gag me while I sip my morning coffee. But I don’t gag and would laugh if it weren’t for seeing how many lives are going to be disrupted. Not a bad thing if there was some preparation for this eventuality… if.

What does preparation look like? That is a most fundamental question that each of us is answering along the way. It means having a backup plan for some, it means joining in force with family, tribe and neighbors. It means knowing how this system was created and rigged, it means speaking from your most heartfelt truth. For some it is preparing with a garden, water supply and shelter from the storm. The only way I have found to be prepared is to search for and obtain direct knowledge of not only the maneuverings of world marauders it is also the determination to forge a relationship to nature, to Earth, to her people. It is making choices that are innerformed, not allowing your definition of life to be conformed to the dying status quo of culture as we know it. It means getting off the petri dish of experimentation with your life force.

There are no saviors, there is only us now and how we choose will be the defining of what some call New Earth.

Post edit: I was thinking about how they bounce the markets back again and again when I came across this image with the title Is The 9-Year-Long Dead-Cat-Bounce Finally Ending?

cat bounce


And we all know you can’t corral a cat.