The Tree of Life

When I meditate sometimes I get a few visuals and even on occasion some dialogue to go with them. Lately I’ve been seeing images of a ginormous tree, with branches that extend beyond our atmosphere, and roots that go deep into the center of the earth.

At least on an energetic level I get that this tree is as real as real can be. I feel into the flows of energy, with some going deep down into these roots, pulling out the earths nutrients, to nourish the upper branches and leaves. Each and every root has a corresponding branch in the upper world which it is energetically connected to. As the branches with leaves absorb the life giving properties of the sun and utilize the nutrients that the roots provides there is continuous expanding growth.

Eventually, as the cycle of life goes, the tree has reached its fullest potential that it was created with, and feels the impetus to begin anew. The fruits it has gathered throughout its experience of expansion have fully ripened, and are now ready to fall from the tree to await the right conditions to sprout and begin the cycle all over again, yet holding the cellular memory of its previous incarnation from before.

Not every seed will grow to its full potential, for some do not find hospitable ground to nourish their developing roots, nor sometimes enough access to the life giving properties of the sun to nourish their developing leaves and branches. But nothing is ever lost. It simply changes form.

Water. Without water the tree will also die. Water is life, is flow, is present. It is dynamic, it is pregnant with the potential of changing from one form to another with ease. It’s the glue that holds it all together, while at the same time it is the lubricant which allows for energy to move. It is present to some degree in all things. When form no longer has access to the life giving properties of water, it simply ceases to exist. But water is eternal, and ever present, whether it can be seen or not.

The world tree appears to be dying, but that too is not the only interpretation of what one can see playing out on the world stage. During its long sojourn it has created many seeds. Those seeds are the fruits of the morrow and are almost fully ripened. But one must be patient, lest one pick the fruit too early and it has not had time to develop its natural sweetness to the fullest. And there are always greedy predators who have no regard for the life cycle of the living tree of life. They do not realize that by picking the fruit prematurely they are sealing their own demise. There are always wise ones too, who will guard the trees fruit with vigilance and readiness at all times. For any good farmer knows that growth is dependent on numerous factors, and not every field will be ready for harvest at the same time. And any good farmer knows that to start the cycle anew there must be good seed.

One can tune in and almost feel the movement of energy throughout the trees trunk, roots, and branches. Energy moves up the tree to the highest branches and leaves, while at the same time it is moving down the tree into the deepest roots. The energy moves in a spiral and funneling dance that is never static. At its center is the heart of the tree that holds it all together. It is where the well of the waters of life resides. From this deep well all past present and futures are known. And each drop as it ushers forth from the heart, carries with it the full potential of all possibilities of life as it expresses itself in form. The heart takes it all in, transmutes the energies and materials it receives, and sends it all back out in a usable form for the nourishment of the tree.

But there loggers who would cut down the tree, without any awareness of its life giving properties to the entire cycle of life in form on this planet called earth. For the earth herself is the heart of the world tree. For this tree to once again flourish there must be more wise ones who will guard the trees fruits with vigilance and readiness at all times. We need more good farmers who will protect the growing fruits from the weeds that threaten to overtake. Weeds, of themselves, are neither good nor bad. They simply do what they do. They grow. And I have noticed that when one fertilizes and waters the tree, the weeds grow better too! I do not wish to eliminate the weeds, simply to remove those who would threaten the growth of the tree. There is plenty of room for weeds, but not in the cultivated garden. Since they are so hardy they do not need the tender nourishment and care needed by the world tree of life. For the tree of life must have love to thrive. It’s heart must be kept safe, so that its children the seeds can mature in their own time and way.

It needs the space of love, and that is the difference. It’s seeds need to be planted with care, and watered, receive sunlight, and have nourishing soil upon which to grow. It needs a gardener who will stay the course. One can not hurry the process with weed killers, or try to make seeds that can resist all challenge, just as the chicken will not hatch properly if it’s shell is broken prematurely. No, seeds need infinite patience and trust in the cycle of life, and the waters of creation. Are we not all dreamers at the well of the waters of life? I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. Dream big. Dream beautiful.

Here is a song I learned when I attended the 1999 Svaha Spirit Lodge three day Long Dance event on Orcas Island, in Washington State:

Tree of life in the center
Tree of life all around
Tree of life growing taller
Rooted in the ground

Tree of life after lifetime
Tree of life never dies
Tree of earth mother spirit
Tree of father sky