Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano | Mother’s Caldron Simmers

She is wont to mix metaphors and draw lines that don’t go straight so bear with the meandering of her flows. Much like the lava moving across the landscape of Hawaii’s big island so move the metaphors of her mind.

A very good friend asked what I thought of this article, Hawaii National Guard Whistleblowers Warn Friends, Family Of Imminent Power-Plant Explosion, Tsunami on ZeroHedge and it prompted a reply.

“I actually have some deep feelings, pun intended. It seems my critical mind wants to merge with my feeling body so allowing that I ‘feel’ that the article is basically fake news meant to provoke fear. It follows a pattern I’ve seen many times, whistle blower headline and lacking any in-depth analysis of the geological area. A volcano of that magnitude is more likely to cause a tsunami than a lot of explosives. I actually don’t think the bastards want to do that … However, never let a good disaster go to waste. It seems to me that population control, ie: mind control is more the agenda than wiping out the Hawaiian Islands or the coast of California. The insanity of building power stations next to volcanoes and nuclear facilities on fault lines is pure hubris and stupidity in spades.

That said it is likely that fracking is a contributing factor to mother getting pissed off or rather letting off some steam. Unless there is a nuclear device deep under ground a surface explosion would not come anywhere close to provoking a tsunami. What I find interesting when scanning ZeroHedge, which I grok daily to keep a finger on the pulse of the insanity, are the reader comments. The thermal power plant is some five to seven miles inland so as one reader commented: “There is no way a power plant explosion is going to cause a tsunami.  You need vertical movement to the sea bed to accomplish that.” which I my critical mind can make no argument with.

Lava hitting the seaLava reaching the Pacific Ocean

That something unnatural is occurring, of that I have no doubt for most of humanity is bonded to the unnatural and wouldn’t know real even as it hits them in the face. Even the word natural seems to be losing all context. LOL, maybe it’s time for me to write an article as I seem to be in my sardonic flow.”


I write in tone and metaphor that what is happening in Hawaii is a natural event and while the puny humans with big tech toys play around with her mantle she is so much more powerful in her core. Opening the inner eye to a reality that is showing us through the magnificence of her power is stepping into the realm of the 94% of the real that few will ever know. When a volcano erupts or a hurricane churns one would think that we humans would feel the awe of our ancestors for we are living on a planet of extraordinary conception and manifestation. Sadly most are locked into the trivial virtual reality and all is reduced to the next news release. Almost no one seems to be capable of seeing the whole or maintaining any semblance of viewing from a frame of reference that includes geological time. We are being reduced to automatons with predictable responses.

When I see images, I see. A lava flow is a dragon, a plasma creature that is life and as all is consciousness this speaks to me. Perhaps not in the words of prose or linear language but in the emanation of core spirit. I sing a hallelujah inside when Mother demonstrates herself in such splendor. Is she to care for the estates built on her spiny back by ignorant moneyed people, is she to care for the ineptitude of her reckless children when we have cared so little for her?

Lava dragonLava Dragon