Phase Conjunction | The Rise of the Sacred Masculine

“It is said that Wisdom lies in not Seeing things but Seeing through things.”

~ Manly P. Hall


She has spent another night as day, moving backwards through the mists of time. No longer resisting or thinking she has more important things to do she sees. Reformatting, a developing revelatory. The mind no longer interrupted by false codes, nor fears, nor arrogance that it knows anything. The deceptively installed circuitry misfires and evaporates into nothingness.

Hear Her silent sigh of release…

With the rising of the sun as inner sight looked out upon the world, a thought arose about an aspect of the sacred masculine. Such a simple insight and yet so profound that I will try to pout it out on this page. Without a doubt the iron grip of the hierarchical patriarchy was installed to not only destroy the Sacred Feminine but to usurp and direct this vast mysterious field of energy, to distort it and use it for power over all else. From the first genocide of the Original people, the Knowledge Keepers of the Sacred Flame, up until this moment this False Man has taken control of the Matrix – The World Womb.

Time unfolding from a single point is revealing all for the incoming light is pouring through us and through the cracks made by stalwartly holding UR sacred ground against the darkening mirror of reality. The drums that beat, the feet that walk in reverence with this holy land, the breath that rises and falls in a constant observation of gratitude, for the rivers and oceans of tears shed in sorrow for our common pain, for every true heart that rises again and again… Y-Our work is showing as we watch the crumbling of the facade. We are not done for every breath is the rise and fall of the wave.

It was necessary for women to stand up and reclaim themselves so we’ve seen generations of women fight, fight, fight. Yes, it was necessary but with some sadness I have been aware that often a woman will get stuck there and see every slight, every ignorance, every man as enemy. These are the scars of traumas present and past that mask a hidden contempt for men, so deeply embedded in the weave of our subtle field that we are unaware that we project this and what comes back is what we project.

This is an astounding beauty of this reality; we will always receive what we need to see in order to go free. It is so easy to get stuck in this trauma circle, more blame (he/she did this to me leads to us pulling on the hood of victim, the shadow we pull over our heads to protect ourselves in order to not see truth-fully).  There is a hidden side of blame which is guilt for we gnow inside a burning Truth and by our choices to stay in victim-hood we are guilty when we blame. This vicious circle was purposely installed:  trauma – blame – guilt an unholy trinity. I do not speak with judgement for it is clear that each one is releasing traumas in a perfecting harmony for this is a process that cannot be hurried or circumvented.

She sees that so many still residing there, her words rise to loosen the knot to release the pain, to beckon you to burn the false in the flame of your inner outrage. For when we truly accept the All and the Truth what is left is the single flame, the star fire of the eternal abiding light.

Another way to see this is as a compression of the soul that leaves only one way out and that is to go deeply within. This painful journey was not constructed for the weak… it takes the courage of the Lion-Hearted, those who by their will can not rest until all the Work is done.

She hears a chorus of complaint as these words run off her fingers on the page. She hears me, me, me … a litany of pain. Her silent Grace holds you gently so that you may see an emerging Reality.

From the vastness of space I heard the word God and no longer ran away, I embraced it lovingly in my consciousness in order to see what it would reveal to me. Humbled within I realized that the falsifying light had disallowed its use. That the corrupting field had usurped the truth of the sacred masculine. As a womb-man, a female incarnate I had separated my self from my innermost sacred masculine. As I let this run through the blood in my veins my body vessel filled with so much light and love that I could not contain it all, imploding inner light. Love does hurt like hell for it will burn out all false beliefs, the ego is what has to release it’s grip and it won’t do so gracefully. Letting go is letting go of what no longer serves, it it not the letting go of Love.

In phase conjunction with the sacred masculine my heart sends this message to all the beautiful men I know and am yet to know, to each and every friend… Fall into love with yourself and embrace the feminine in you, love Her with all your might for by Grace she will not let you perish in the dark alone. Confront your fears, they become fleeting ghosts of the past once you do. Break the grip of fantasy and flight for to love the Real of a woman this you must do. It is written in stone that this is your time to rise, the inevitable turning of the tide.

And dear ladies of my heart, we have been ravaged and torn apart so that we can fully embrace the transmuting fields of divine Grace. She, the all that is and ever was, could only Be by the penetrating divine light of He. In this sacred moment I surrender to the Truth of Divine Love.


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