Into the Mystic | Truth – Gnosis – Alchemy with claudia and christine

claudia and christine return with their first video in many a moon. We invite our listeners to open their hearts and souls and dive in deep with us.

It is with humble gratitude for each and every beloved. May we each individually find the Unity of Creator and Grace within for this is the only Way. For far too long we’ve played many parts, at times lover and at others the enemy. We see this still being played out.

For the collective suffering and unhealed pain is still being projected onto another and into this Earthly realm and reality. There is suppressed rage that when transmuted in the fire of inner love, the love of self, that opens the doors to the truth of who we are, true magic and power is then released.



In upcoming podcasts we will delve deeper into aspects of Gnosis, collapsing time lines, effects we can observe within the Earth realms, Midgard, Agartha and a return to some forbidden subjects.

If anyone would like to join us please use the contact link on home page.

Also a very special thank U to all the dear soul friends whose voice is heard with oURs. The imagery used in this recording is a gift from many friends and someone very special who gnows who she is.



The Sphere of Compassion

The Temple of Venus – The Victory of Netzach

Deep within the heart Of the emerald jewel

Lay the great mysteries Of time and love.

The lamp is lit

And glows within Edges sharp where Line and point intersect

Poignantly within the Space of equilibrium.

From the wellspring rises Form of beauty and Intelligence refined;

As Pleiades’ dance In response to

The sound of planets’ Harmonious symphony.

And, all is held gently Contained in beauty’s grace

As she unites with clarity of Mind and focus of heart

Birthing the perfected one

Whose victory mirrors

The beauty of the sun’s

Radiance streaming Down from above.



Music: Echoes of Eternity by Maya Rose –…

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