Mystery Centres of Ancient Ireland | The Great Mysteries and The Chymical Wedding

As water flowing through multiple streams one sees and hears the murmurings of divine Grace the song of songs.

Flow inwardly … out beyond the bounds of time and space. This is the voice of the deep intuition of soul, a shimmering womb once we clear the inner fields and enter the secret garden of our heart.

Having felt a backwash of solar streams on waking this morning she started to dance and sing …

In conjunction with the above Rudolf Steiner lecture from 1923 I will present the video work of Daniel Listz below. All is connected in the astral fields of creation, today we can know this as plasma, the first state of matter. Each of us is a note and key as we find our point of Origin.

In addition I would invite those who are the Knowers and Keepers of the Sacred Flame to delve deep. There was and is and will ever be a world that is conceived a new when Wisdom is forged from the releasing of the ego self identity.

It is ever more apparent that our purposely obscured his-story is being unveiled and as this is so the construct of false narratives or timelines collapse giving us a lucidity of mind in union with the heart. The chymical wedding of the Sacred Rose Cross.


“Be humble for you are made of earth, be noble for you are made of stars.” ~ Anonymous

Aryan Vedas Book of Wisdom of Perun