Discernment in the Rabbit Hole of Distraction

She stays in the continuous flow of the incoming stream. Words as song rise and fall like snow drifts down on the Earth in a field of sparkling watery light. In the vastness of this silent space she hears the fire in the ice.


Within the “Truth-Conspiracy-Alternative-Anomalous-Phenomena-Esoteric-Holograhpic” community it appears that there is a great need for Spiritual maturity and Self mastery, it is vital that we master the art of spiritual warfare. This writing isn’t to call out anyone in particular, it isn’t meant as an insult nor is it meant to be the only viable perspective as to how we can proceed collectively.

One of the most bludgeoned phrases in use is “unity in community”, for these words underline the human being’s innate longing to return to a state of union with the divine. We look for our tribe, our people, our trusted friends and family, our other half… We seek comfort and identity within a cohesive group. There is nothing erroneous about this however this seeking has been capitalized on and utilized to foment discord and there exists a strong coercion to not move on when we really should. We will not be able to have union until we have sacred union within and are able to receive communion with the Spirit of the All.

The reason I am choosing to write this is simply because I have seen that not only myself, but many others get lost in narratives, personalities, sensationalism and fringe news. Seeing the patterns of this is no different than those who are not awake to the control system that has imprisoned them. If we acknowledge that the parasitical mind’s only power is that it takes over our mind and channels our energy into a control narrative which is propagated by indoctrinated beliefs preying on our doubts and fears. Make no mistake about it, these dogmas run extremely deep and touch the most subtle fields of our energy body.

“Embodiment of love is the true power and tuning fork to discernment.”  ~ Naome Swan

Using my own experience I will elucidate this a bit more. During the four years I was moderator on a forum that was populated by people who sought belonging, compassionate understanding, healing, and answers to unanswerable questions; this included survivors of traumatic mind control techniques, experiencers of anomalous events from abductions to paranormal phenomena and demonic possession.  In this potent mix there were a few brilliant free minds, and many, many with the open heart of an intuitive empath. On the hyperdimensional play board there were also black sorcerers, government agents, trolls, hackers, voyeurs and predators. Indeed a potent mix. During my tenure I observed much, below are a few important observations and lessons I learned:

At first, at least on the surface, one was made to feel at home, that we had arrived at some mystical shore and only a chosen few would be permitted entry. The “chosen ones” is a primary trigger used by those who seek control, for many people who have been isolated or traumatized for years or most of their life will often fall into that trap because they feel that they finally have found a place where their weirdness and oddness (at odds with the prevailing matrix reality) will be accepted.

Observing this I noted in myself a creeping elitism, I “knew things others didn’t” was a hook for my ego; I was  made to feel special. The carrot before my nose was that this group had special secrets to reveal that could not be found anywhere outside the island. This kept me in check for awhile along with a healthy quest for knowledge and the seemingly unquenchable thirst of my mind seeking answers and trying to put the puzzle pieces into some coherent picture.

Most weren’t aware how stealthily we were lead to believe our stories and outpourings were received in caring hands with respect for privacy. To begin privacy is a thing of the past and a forum is no more protected than social media. I was also privy to many personal emails that were not addressed to me so I do have first hand knowledge of how personal and sometimes dangerous the information they shared was. I was also privy toward the end of my time on the forum to the fact that every message, email and conversation sent in the expectation of privacy was stored on external hard drives, the reason for this was intuited on many levels though the one that stood out as the most dangerous was that it was shared with an unknown and unseen hand.

I began to note a certain underlying but pervasive tension that if I didn’t stay within the unspoken confines I would risk censor, criticism, and rejection. It was observed that when anyone dared question the “management” (ie: moderators and forum owner) too insistently or penetratingly that they were promptly put down, coerced into submission or silenced.

It was becoming very clear that if I didn’t stay within the unspoken confines I would risk censor, criticism, and rejection myself. We were the “new insiders club” that was going to save the world. As the insider’s insiders we commanded a following and were covertly tasked with silencing and derailing criticism. For my expanding awareness this started feeling unethical, too contrived and very controlling. I watched many dynamics playing out with growing unease and an increasing comprehension of how this energy game was being played.

Still my empathic heart wanted to make people feel like they belonged, no one left out, so I gave my energy freely to keeping people on the board even when they wanted to leave. From my perspective the forum was formed to help people heal and expand their consciousness so I was dedicated to keeping members from fleeing when things got rough. It wasn’t until later that I saw how my empathic feminine energy was utilized as a front to keep the the people on the forum comfortable and feeling safe.

Without going into details in this writing as they are published elsewhere, I was directly and intimately involved in the Corey Goode (GoodETxSG) affair which precipitated a collective nose dive off the deep end. With what I witnessed in person and what ensued afterward is when I finally had to stand my ground. What I witnessed is that the owner wanted him off the forum because he could no longer control him. [details are in this video if anyone is interested.]

The reactionary attack on Corey was so vicious that I could no longer participate. (This is and was a repeating pattern of said forum and I am not the only one who observed this or fell under the blunt uncaring hammer of dismissal, callously carried out with a click on the keyboard.) I watched former good hearted friends attack an already wounded being which was bad enough but to see the self righteousness they felt from this was more than I could stomach. Myself and a few friends in the moderator team made a stand for a modicum of decency and safety for here was an obviously wired and mind controlled man having his triggers set off in demolition mode.

I am sharing this so the reader gives pause and thinks about how easily we in the “alternative” community that know how false flag shooters are created would never think to bash the shooter, we dig deep to see what is beneath the mechanisms that runs the stage players and stage hands. Maybe some day more of us will realize who the puppeteer is.

I am not writing this to present myself as anything other than a human being who was exposed to the “insiders game” and had a lot to learn. This is why I speak of compassion, not just for a few but for all of those who are still trapped in the snare. Compassion is also felt for the perpetrators (that’s a hard one to get to) for they are souls being emptied out and will be discarded when they no longer serve. It is the nature of this reality that what you project will ultimately be experienced on the other side of return. Compassion bears much sorrow for many of these souls will never see and we are in a great reckoning for we are what we create.

Back to discernment, no point in belaboring an already belabored tale for that is just another means of distraction, the media uses it all the time. Keep the sensationalism at full pitch while the dark hand operates out of sight. Let’s use the Dark Journalist’s live stream on Corey Goode as an example. Recently on Facebook partially due to my own writing some needed light was shone in his direction, maybe only a hand full of people were beginning to see something wasn’t right, discordant and false information was being laid out.  It is important that we should never underestimate the power of a few who see with growing lucidity. So a diversion was made from the well wrought narrative and the purposeful persona of a serious researcher. A show was produced outing the already outed Corey Goode, David Wilcock, and company. Frankly all I could feel while watching was a sad resignation that the game was being played again in front of my seeing eyes, same pattern, same scenario and even to a an extent the same players both on screen and off. Same self satisfactory righteousness that can only come from a soul that hasn’t integrated both the light and the shadow that it casts, divorced from compassion and deeper analysis of their own self. Allow me to underline that this includes most of us to a greater or lesser extent and you and only you can transmute that shit.

This is the last time I will be writing or speaking on this subject for as I am pointing out it serves no purpose other than to distract from the most vital issues confronting humanity as we enter the eye of the dragon. If you find yourself attracted to a narrative, some information previously not integrated or even a personality follow it for there are often valuable lessons, it is definitely not for me to say what another should do. What I have learned though is how truly necessary it is to keep the Observer fully awake and do remember above all else that the Observer must watch the ego-self while engaged.

Inwardly I have a builtin measure that includes observation of triggers, not all are bad for some actually open up buried memories. A developed vigilance and determination to stay with what is rising to the surface. These impressions must be thoroughly disclosed for there are often overlays that appear to be a truth and with more profound penetration they will reveal something that lies deeper within the resonance of Truth.

My inner measure includes questions, such as; How does this information serve and what or who does it serve? And importantly what is it that I am looking for? Sometimes, perhaps most times we don’t really know what drives us though once a question is posed and with patience in waiting (much harder than most know) the answer will surface. Errors of course are made less frequently and consciousness is given the opportunity to expand while it simultaneously surrenders to divine guidance, that which is within you.

Another aspect to my observing is to listen to what is not said as much as to what is, along with a fined tuned sense of seeing through to what lays hidden. Arrogance coupled with ignorance is often seen, the I know better than you do and so the speaker will rarely if ever promote self gnosis. Or there are multitudes who hand out esoteric knowledge with a hook and then the viewer must pay to know more… My list is long and internalized, some questions are more personal. These are simple pointers that have helped me develop fortitude and discernment.

My experience has shown that by relentless search for the Truth one can come to self gnosis which must be the first step to embodying pure awareness. To Thy Self Be True and to Thyself be Honest too.


Become your own inner sword of Truth, it rings clear with an unmistakable sound.



Self-rite-ness: A state of Being that is aligned true Pole Star North and grounded due South. East and West axis balanced at 90º is imploding core energy at the heart plane.

Centrifugal force is balanced with centripetal force as the body temple thus aligned stays on course. Become the Navigator and Captain of your own ship in the heart of our Mother Ship.

~ Aureo Sky