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Max Igan

Everyone should listen to at least one of Max’s brilliant free flow talks. Every week almost without fail he generously gives a never wavering message of what it will take for us to exit the matrix. In this weeks broadcast he goes deeper than I have heard him before by bringing up inner esoteric knowledge he hits a home run.

Honestly I don’t think there is another speaker out there on the internet that carries such a vital and pure message. Like Max, I love exploring our ancient origins and listening to speakers of a myriad of topics for all of this has led me to the same conclusion, free your mind and S.T.O.P. complying with all government to the full extent that you are able. We must learn to use our voices eloquently when speaking to others so that they can hear. Plant seeds in every encounter. There are also many things that each of us can do. And most importantly do some good research, listen for those who speak with knowledge, love and compassion. For without comprehending and embodying the truth of how this world is created we will continue to miss the mark.

When Max says we have lost our language I am in total agreement, and it is getting worse. My own growing gnosis of sacred language is a pure focus at this time. We are from one source and our words (sounds, resonance) create this reality. Everything is a frequency, out thoughts and emotions are interactive with reality. There are solutions and there is help though it is going to take a growing body of the collective to deter the exponential encroachment of algorithms, the smart grid and A.I.

We each have a part to play, an unique and vital one… This is a heartfelt invitation to get this message out and do whatever it takes to withdraw your participation in the corruption, for it is corrupting your soul and spirit and that of your children too. As those who read Earth Empaths know, my soul has taken some of the deepest dives in the pursuit of truth. My inner call is to provide information that can lead us to our divine inheritance. Be the love you were created with friends.

Published on Oct 19, 2018

Max Igan – Surviving the Matrix – Episode 353 – American Voice Radio

October 19th, 2018 –

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