Sofia Smallstorm: The Perceptron, A.I., Deep Learning and the Magnetic Body

From our friends Randy Maugans and Emily Moyer at OffPlanet Media. While listening to this open talk in the dark of my room before the sun’s heralding of a new day I was touched on many levels of the budding collective consciousness and just how in tune the many of us are. I found myself wanting to jump into the coversation and add to what was being spoken about. For many years now I have found myself pulled into a realm that I call the Cosmic campfire, it is a place where deep listening is key. It is the silent place within where we, as our ancestors, are so deep within the field of divine inspiration that connected us to the natural world, the heart core of Mother Earth.

My most sincere gratitude for the sharing of voices illuminated from within. I sit in full agreement that we can make the moves of consciousness that no computer or AI model can compute. When we resonate at our bio-magnetic core we become invisible to the algorithms that are everywhere present. I’ve experienced so many events as described by Randy and Emily where my thoughts are read then reflected back to me on the screen, sometimes instantaneously. Deepening into this phenomena one can see that the “Matrix” is everywhere present and frankly to try to escape it is not feasible nor in my present form desirable. As we are in a reflective reality this mirroring, whether artificially created or simply the result of consciousness and frequency is the same thing. The thought that has played predominate in my mind is that We are the programmers of this reality… Never underestimate just how powerful human consciousness is once aligned with pure core intent.

The solutions are ever presenting. Many are experiencing deeper dream states where information is being delivered that present us with everything we need to move from center and make our moves on the fringe. This will of necessity take the algorithms into the realm of infinite potentiality, the non-computable void of the abyss.

As an added thought, the first I had on waking, was that there are other men and women of potential magnitude that are still slumbering or currently being pulled into the darker realms. With closed eyes I hear the symphony and see the orchestration that is occurring, unfolding in perfect cadence with the cosmic streams.


Published on Nov 23, 2018

Sofia Smallstorm checks in with a number of threads from her current intuitive research.

We discuss: The Perceptron phenomena, ENIAC, the first multi-purpose computer developed at the University of Pennsylvania; first the fictional EMERAC computer in the Spencer Tracy/Katherine Hepburn 1957 film, “Desk Set”; how mechanized human thought was being pursued by Frank Rosenblatt (1957) at Cornell University, funded by the US NAVY; we go into the Kasparov Vs. IBM “Deep Blue” chess match and the 2016 Google AlphaGo GO match with master player, Lee Sedol.

How it may be that humans are now being “programmed” by adaptive software updates via computers and mobile devices; “Deep Learning”, A.I., neural networks, and heuristics lead us into questions about computers and perception, as well as the primacy of consciousness and abstract thought. Interwoven, Sofia talks about her findings on SLEEP, and some methods to enhance reparative rest; the magnetic body, and simple products and techniques to keep us healthy and aware.

Hour two, for our memebers: turns to analysis of the California D.E.W. wildfires, the agendas behind the “big burn”, strange patterns and events; we revisit hour 1 for an analysis of A.I. and why humans can and will prevail.

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