Mind Unveiled | ASTROLOGY EXPLAINED 2019

In a quiet sit this morning, opening to the still voice within and felt in the totality of an expression she found arising an ebullient sense of effervescence. Little bubbles of joy that proceeded to envelope her there arose a state of being that can only be described as an expanded sense of conscious awareness. These feelings don’t translate well in the linear string of language and yet there are those who with a single mind and focus do bring forth the most esoteric and occult truths with a simplicity that is often overlooked.

Many years ago while researching the twisted history as we’ve been taught and taking a long steady look at flat earth vs globe earth much converged in my own gnosis that we are actually speaking of a material plane and realms or dimensions that make the totality of what we can describe as a sphere. This thought is not new nor mine for it has been relayed in all ancient esoteric knowledge throughout the ages and in every culture.

As we move out of materialism back to a fluid state of being we open the doors of perception, long held indoctrinated beliefs loose their grip giving way to lucid insights and the knowing that we are no longer bound to pure physicality. When I found this YouTube channel I heard a resonance and have a growing appreciation of the speakers ease with the subject matter, he and his partner present their material in a welcoming and gracious manner. And while most of the material will not be new for our readers I find the manner in which it is presented refreshing.

That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above

corresponds to that which is Below,

to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing.

~ Hermes


Mind Unveiled

Published on Apr 10, 2019

Most people who consider themselves spiritual are contradicting themselves by believing in modern cosmology. People want to believe in forms of Magick such as Astral Projection, Law of Attraction, and Ideas such as Ghost or Spirits. Metaphysical phenomena, Magick, or any principles that imply Mind over Matter, are in contradiction with the modern world view.

The modern worldview is based on randomness and the idea that we came from a “big bang”. Sure maybe you believe more than just a big bang, but regardless if you know it or not there are only two perspectives. A life with meaning, a life without meaning. Randomness implies no meaning, It suggests that life was NOT intelligently designed. I am not a christian! I am a thinker!

Most are not aware of the secret tradition of the past which has been handed down for AGES. Our modern science is but 200 years old, we think we know so much but we don’t. Let’s just assume science is right. Now what? Are you trying to convince me that we are heading in a direction filled with purpose and understanding of the self?

There is more to Magick then you know, and soon, I will show the path in which one can OBSERVE this information for themselves. It is not material observation, but a mental observation. We seem to think that our minds are some private realm, that thought has no real existence. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. In order to understand Tartaria, we have to further explore the nature of our reality. This is another piece to the puzzle.

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The Thoth Companion by Michael Osiris Snuffin


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