Unslaved Podcast #124 | Occult Secrets – Escapism vs. Self Mastery

My days have been overflowing with all the channels opening in our adventure here in Mexico so that it is rare for me to find time to listen fully and deeply to videos online and when I do only a few will draw my full focus. This one did.

Much is written and spoken about “Know Thyself” and the inner pathways to Gnosis. Which is in truth the only pathway that bears the true fruits and return to our connection with divine magical source. As I listened to these unique beings I was struck with how Truth is always Truth no matter the language… Sethikus brings forth from his roots a profundity of  gnosis. Listening without prejudice I heard the same voice of the many from the other root races of the Great Tree of Life.

In honor to the truly noble spirits who are now activated.

Black Earth Productions

Published on Apr 28, 2019

Unslaved Podcast #124 – Occult Secrets – Escapism vs. Self Mastery with David Whitehead and Michael Tsarion at via: Unslaved https://unslaved.com/ and with Sethikus Boza at via: Black Earth Productions http://blackearthproductionz.com/


MICHAEL TSARION’S MUSIC – MTSAR MUSIC.., http://www.michaeltsarionmusic.com/

I want to extend my Regard to David Whitehead and Michael Tsarion for Inviting me onto the Unslaved Podcast so to break things the fuck down with them in context to some REAL Occult Secrets.., etc.., ETC.., this was recorded LIVE on ISHTAR of 2019; and is by far one of the most powerful segments published to date here on Black Earth Productions now.., this is also available in Live format on the Unslaved Website Podcast Archives; along with everything else on Unslaved that your NOT going to want to Miss.., I am un-doubtful that the manifestations which continue to flow forth in Network and going to continue to gain their momentum for those to whom it is meant.., MORE is going to be coming.., we are officially in Full ALLIANCE with Unslaved here at Black Earth Productions.., and as also an Oud to the Ancestors as far as I am concerned.., it was great coming on with David to be able to speak with him again; along with with the Legend Himself :MTSAR: Micheal Tsarion.., be sure to share this with others and check out all of the links above and below that are on here with this everyone!


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