Wal Thornhill, Planets, Stars & Plasma Cosmology

She slowly winds her way through the distractions and clamor of a world seemingly insatiable with knowledge, collectors of bits and bytes of information seeking the inner chamber of wholeness. Her respite and consolation are the ever increasing plunges into silent space. The dueling dynamics of push and pull ever refining the senses.

Allow me to paraphrase Ken WheelerThe simplex is so overwhelmingly beautiful and almost always overlooked. This has been my own journey into plasma physics and working with plasma health technologies for it distills our comprehension of creation down to it’s most primordial state as it wraps it’s spiral arms around an ever expansive vista of consciousness.

Greg Jay’s work is worthy for he is one who not only maintains his own orientation but brings forth the work of others with a gracious sharing from heart to heart. When truth lines up it in inclusive of our ancient hidden past and ancestors, there is much gratitude for the works of Immanuel Velikovsky and those who are often overlooked but continue to weave with the golden thread.


Greg Jay

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1. Planets, stars & plasma cosmology Wallace Thornhill – http://contrarybooks.com/thoth/thoth0… I like Wal’s term for modern science, homosapien ignoramus, I didn’t have time for one more watch through, I just pray I didn’t forget anything. But, I prolly did, I did turn it up and had a request for Pink Floyd music and was lucky enough to find some the links to videos will be forthcoming after premier.
Quote of the day: The idols of the pagan world are, in fact, congealed history, and will some day be intelligently studied as such. Ignatius Donnelly,
“Ragnarok: The age of fire and gravel”, 1883. 2. Lightning of the Gods http://contrarybooks.com/thoth/thoth2… It is evident, that all the sciences have a relation, greater or less, to human nature; and that, however wide any of them seem to run from it, they still return by one passage or another. [We must] march directly up to the capitol or center of these sciences to human nature itself; which once being masters of, we may everywhere else hope for an easy victory. From this station we may extend our conquest over all those sciences… There is no question of importance, whose decision is not compromised in the science of man; and there is none, which can be decided with any certainty, before we become acquainted with that science. In pretending, therefore, to explain the principles of human nature, we in effect propose a complete system of the sciences, built on a foundation almost entirely new, and the only one upon which they can stand with any security…The science of man is the only solid foundation for the other sciences.
David Hume, Treatise of Human Nature, p 12-13. Check out the electric view, great bunch of folks there that understand your need for all things electric universe which just happens to entail everything – https://discord.gg/JwhCXFR I enjoyed my time there a lot today, I shall do it again me thinks, I will get links to Wal’s videos for you stay tuned Wal video one – the one from Gia TV having a bit of trouble finding it again, have to plow through my saved play list