For the Love of the Mother

I will not falter

I will not fall

I will continue

To give my all

For love of the mother

And all that is warm

Nourishes the soul

And protects us from harm

A harsh world awaits us

From the day that we’re born

If not for the mother

Who gives harbor

From the storm

So grateful am I

For her warm embrace

Her comforting arms

Her eternal grace

She has buoyed me through

Both thick and thin

She has never failed me

Through all life’s challenges

Again and again

Each morning as I awake

I give thanks to her

For all she provides

And all she endures

We’ve not treated her kindly

We children of hers

But she loves and forgives us

As any mother will

I try to do better

Each and every day

To be the best I can

As my only way

To show I’ve matured

And finally grown up

To no longer take

And finally give back

For love of the mother